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Looking for a new agency


Jan-25-2013 23:03

I originally joined an agency so that I could take part in treasure hunts, as well as have a team to support me when I needed help once in a while. I stopped playing for a bit for a number of reasons -moving, my computer needed to be fixed, moving again, holidays and travelling. When I finally got back to playing, it seems as though everyone in my agency had stopped playing too. Nobody had logged in for at least two weeks, if not a month or more. There were no more active treasure hunts., the equipment locker was completely full. You get the idea.

Needless to say, I'm interested in being in an agency that's consistently active and participates in treasure hunts. I'm currently located in Shanghai but don't care where the HQ for an agency is. I look forward to solving mysteries and hunting with you! :)


luc pfeiffer
luc pfeiffer

Jan-27-2013 11:40

hi there! our luck with new agents is a bit iffy right now, but if you would like to join Wish on a Star, we would welcome you. we can help get you over the 100k experience mark, and we do actively hunt for both villains and treasures. pm Breitkat, David Adams or me if you'd like to come to New York! good luck! L

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