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Sleuths don't rest
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Elizabeth March
Elizabeth March
Sleuth About Town

Jan-9-2013 07:52

(Missed this space. Maybe we can revive it. I sure hope so. Not a great start, but should anyone join, I'd be really happy.)

It had been a long run.
Travelling all over the world to chase after Lazarus Metzger had been tired.
All she wanted now was to sleep.
As the young woman entered the small apartment building, she laughed quietly to herself.
One more time, she repeated her favourite sentence.
"Reformed burglars never sleep, dear."
Locking the door behind her, Elizabeth March - at least that was how she was known at the moment - got rid of her shoes and took a deep sigh.
Fixing herself a drink, she walked up to her desk. Pieces of paper were there, just like she had left them... right?
"Whatever they wanted, they didn't find it. Doesn't matter."
Nobody had broken in. So the only possible conclusion was that someone had paid - well - for her key. Not important. The money in the drawer was there, to the last penny. It wasn't cash they were after.
After a softly mumbled curse, she went in the bathroom for a long bath. And then, out back in the street.
The Tricky Mister was the place when you needed information - or maybe even bumping into an old friend.


Trusted Informer

Feb-15-2013 06:18

Lawliettine pulls the mauve sweater around herself as the door opens and a draught hits her from inside the studio. She pauses for a few seconds, as she takes in the sight of Grem, looking pallid and drawn. Sheesh. She sure hopes this isn't a bad time to entertain an unnanounced and barely familiar 8 o' clock guest.

"I'm sure you remember me from yesterday. Neither of us is that easy to forget. So no introduction needed." She laughs warmly.

"I was wrapped up in a case today, and not one that makes for a good topic of conversation. And by the looks of it, you're exhausted so I assume you were just as busy today. If you don't mind my saying."

She holds out a somewhat large paper box. It was something she just happened to pick up from the new restaurant on the way. The aroma is so delicious that she had had to exercise immense self control not to devour it herself. Wouldn't be very polite, after all.

" I'm not sure what you like eating, and I'm not sure how well it's seasoned." Another small giggle. "I don't think they had the kind of seasoning you'd normally like. I just decided to opt for something simple. Roast chicken."

Washed Up Punter

Feb-15-2013 22:52

“Of course I remember you.” Grem says with a weak smile.

She grinds her teeth together, how she wishes she could just take a drink out of her! Just a little bit…not enough to kill- control yourself! So the shifter was working today as well. She glances at the mauve sweater and the loose fit on her, suggesting that Lawliettine shifts in her detective work. Hmm…

Her thoughts are interrupted Lawliettine holds up a box. Grem nervously chuckles. That was surely not something from Sami’s! To her relief, after a while the smell of Greek cuisine lingers on one’s clothing. She is hungry, but not for that sustenance. Still, Lawliettine made a point of visiting her which she appreciates. Her mentor had taught her well enough to control herself in front of others. It would be rude to not invite the sleuth in.

“Please, come in.” she gestures Lawliettine inside.

Immediately she feels regret that she does not live in the place to its full extent. The walls are bare, except for a clock that hung too close to the ceiling. The only furniture in the combined living room and kitchen is a new loveseat. But even that still had the plastic wrap from the day she bought it. On the floor is the rotary dial. The kitchen is oddly clean, never in use. A few disposable plates, cups and utensils left over from the previous tenants rest on the counter.

Grem speeds to the couch and rips off the plastic and gags on the smell of new couch. She then speeds to the disposable stuff. “I hope you do not mind water.” She says with small smile “Unlike Cyrus, the only thing I have on tap is this."

If she is to make any new friends in this city, she should be considering on at least making the place look slightly lived in. This place is depressing, but really when you are dead you do not need much anymore. Grem holds up the paper cups and shuffles towards the only seating area.

Trusted Informer

Mar-13-2013 01:39

Lawliettine perches on the couch as she sets aside the box on one broad arm. A low rumble is heard in the room and she clutches her stomach, smiling sheepishly.

"Sorry 'bout that, Grem. I suppose I was thinking more about what I like to eat instead of what you like, when I bought that. I guess we could put that to some other use then."

She extends an arm to take the cup offered. "Thank you. I'd never say no to the elixir of life. Except when I'm drowning. I have a phobia of drowning."

She took a couple of long sips to quench her thirst, and then looked up to notice the vampire watching her keenly. There was an anguish underlying the traces of hunger and tiredness. Nonetheless, when she was being a polite hostess, Lawliettine could be a more considerate guest.

"You look troubled." She gently tilted the paper cup, making the water swirl. "Perhaps you could tell me? That is, if it doesn't delay your dinner."

Washed Up Punter

Mar-13-2013 02:22

Grem eyes Lawliettine’s arm as it stretches to take the cup. She images herself sinking her teeth in for just one drink… uncontrollably her fangs reveal themselves. She blinks twice before taking notice that she had been asked a question and retracts her fangs. Grem plants her behind on the arm of the couch and takes a breath. “I don’t think that you would be able to guess what I’d prefer, but thank you for coming by nonetheless.”

Well, that isn’t the only thing that is on Grem’s mind. The trail of the case had gone cold and there doesn’t seem to be any opportunity to open any new leads.

“I had just returned from working on a case that I could not refuse. The client didn’t give me a choice.”

She cursed silently underneath her breath, remembering Isabella’s goons screaming ‘No cops!’ But wait a second… A smile crept on Grem’s face as she recalls Lawliettine mentioning that she is a private detective. Grem hasn’t broken Isabella’s rules as a P.I is definitely not a cop. The amount of sleuths in the city had escalated when the public learned of corruption in the NYPD. Individuals took this matter into their own hands. Some make a decent living out of investigation, and some are just want a quick buck. No chance that any sleuth would cooperate with the men in uniform.

“Are you familiar with the Riolo case? The police are trying to keep this one out of the public as well as they can. I’m not sure how well they have done in keeping this one under wraps. I am struggling with this case because there is little evidence that has not been contaminated.”

Grem rubs her eyes. “Forgive me for mentioning the case. Although the topic is nothing new a sleuth such as yourself…I wouldn’t want to spoil your appetite. Please, do enjoy your dinner.”

How rude, if Lawliettine is familiar with the case she probably had lost her appetite thinking about Maria Riolo’s body.

Trusted Informer

Mar-17-2013 01:26

Lawliettine's nose for danger often overrules her appetite, but this time she smiles gratefully at Grem and reaches out for the box. The rich aroma makes her stomach growl.

"I suppose we have enough time, I don't think I'm going anywhere until my dinner's done, so you can tell me."

She takes a bite of the succulent chicken and swallows, before continuing.

The Riolo case... Can't say I haven't heard of it. Most people in the sleuthing circles have, I believe. The question is, how much does one know?

"Since I wasn't engaged in the case, I didn't know any of the classified information. Neither did I get a look at the crime scene photos obviously.

However I did hear very little of it. Political bitterness, feuds and all that. And a little girl caught in the crossfire. Perhaps you can enlighten me further? "

She takes another heart bite. "Oh, and what do you know, that new restaurant isn't so bad after all."

Washed Up Punter

Mar-17-2013 23:59

Grem smiles nervously “It certainly smells better than Sami’s! There is only so much Greek spices I can take. Especially since-“ she cut herself short.

She clears her throat and changes her position on the couch. “Isabella Sanatelli has asked me to investigate her murder. She wants to know if it was done within the family or a political murder. Sanatelli and Riolo are family friends. She doesn’t want to send out her men if she does not need to.”

Wrinkles form on Grem’s forehead and she tries fish out important information from the irrelevant bits. It was hard to decide what mattered, even now. Most of the evidence brought to her was purely circumstantial with the amount of contamination. “She isn’t giving me a choice. You know how the NYPD is.”

The little existing direct evidence would probably on my found on the body. “The trail has gone very cold. When I first examined the parts, they had been removed from where it was found. I can’t even determine if that was where the body was brutally hacked to bits. The body had also been somewhat cleaned up as Angelica Riolo was hysterical and wanted to bury her daughter’s parts as quickly as possible. I have a small suspicion that it is murder within the family, based on how the evidence was brought forward. But- it could have been contaminated by stupidity.”

Grem starts to feel light headed. She needs to eat, vampire instincts took over her human behavior, and her fangs shoot out from her gums. A growl escapes her throat, a familiar hunting trait. With what little resistant her human behavior had, Grem was able to stop herself from attacking Lawliettine’s neck short of a foot away.

‘Darn it. You just revealed yourself.’
Grem forces her body to jerk in the opposite direction to make a face of shame.

Trusted Informer

Mar-20-2013 00:10

Lawliettine knows better than to overstay her welcome. As someone whose success in solving cases sometimes hinges solely on her powers of observation, she knows how to read the warning signs. She has often been in the presence of suspects who can barely conceal their murderous intent towards her, and often just barely hold themselves back from attacking her during an interview.

And while Grem has undoubtedly no such ill intentions, Lawliettine can read the signs of hunger. A basic human...err, vampire instinct. In any case, she too gets restless when on an empty stomach, so she can empathise.

"Well, thank you for allowing me to barge in on you unannounced," she says amiably, rising to her feet. "I reckon you'll be needing all your energy on this one, and there is pretty much no point to pursuing such a grueling case on an empty stomach."

She pauses, takes another long look at Grem's tired eyes, before continuing. "I'm not leaving New York in a hurry. Must try out the new restaurants and possibly take a look at that new jewellery store. Besides, you're obviously not allowed to go anywhere without solving this mess. So I reckon we'll be seeing a lot more of each other. We can discuss this later, perhaps? "

She rests her hand on the door knob and looks at Grem expectantly.

Washed Up Punter

Mar-20-2013 23:04

Grem sinks her nails into the couch. As much as she wanted Lawliettine to stay and discuss the case with her, L was right. She was in no shape to be a host at the moment, much less if she wanted someone to host to. “I-…” she pauses. “...Apologize for my behavior. I usually get sustenance at this time.”

She looks towards her fellow sleuth, feeling embarrassed that the first time she had a guest over, her vampire hunger pushed L away.

“Isabella will make sure I do not leave. I’m sure of it. Tomorrow night Maria’s body will be exhumed.”

Wait. Why talk about the whole matter she could see it for herself?

“I was wondering if you would like to take a look at it.”

Wrong way to phrase that, no one would LIKE to take a look at it. Grem had a vast knowledge of forensic analysis, but not for this case. She had looked at it from every possible angle before and she didn’t find anything. Perhaps someone whom has not seen the case before would have more insight about what they find.

“I mean. I’ve exhausted every small lead I’ve had. The details of the case are all too familiar to me.”

Isabella had requested-ahem-demanded that the NYPD not be involved. A private investigator though, had their fees.

“I do not have a payment for your services, as Isabella isn’t offering anything.”

Grem knows her own prices are not cheap. Depending on the case, she expected $1050 to 4800. She expects L’s fees to be more or less the same.

“I do offer my friendship and loyalty.”

A weak smile. “Two things I haven’t offered since I was alive.”
Her stomach growls once more. It was time to hunt now, investigation comes tomorrow night.

Trusted Informer

Mar-23-2013 07:19

Lawliettine smiled widely at that and her grip on the door handle relaxed.

"As far as I'm concerned, that means a lot more than wads of cash. And in any case I'll still have to keep working while in New York, so that would just about supplement my needs."

"And since we're in this business together, there's no point in being overly delicate. If the body needs to be looked, it needs to be looked at. I'm not backing away from the unpleasant bits."

"Let's take things with a pinch of salt and hope for the best, that we may discover something else yet."

She took a look around the apartment again. "You know how to reach me. Leave a message with the music teacher. I'll leave a message with the waitress if I need to reach you."


The young bespectacled man dropped the racy novel he'd been reading, startled by the sight of a middle aged man sauntering down the aisle towards him. It was a bit late for a casual history buff to be wandering around. The fellow adjusted the yellow kerchief around his neck and peered disdainfully at the novel which the younger man had dropped.

"So then. Which way are the political records of the recent past archived?"

The younger man rose to his feet and swallowed. "P-political sir? I believe you m-may have just missed the Mayor's office-"

The kerchief fellow sighed wearily. "Stop beating around the bush lad. You know very well about the Mayor being the tip of the iceberg. What do you want? A silly password or something?"

The young man lowered his gaze and remained silent in affirmation. Lawliettine broke out into a slight sweat. What on earth was the password for accessing the La Cosa Nostra records? Was there only one?

"Let's see now... Real estate? Exorbitant rent? Is there another password you're waiting for?"

The young man's nervousness abated, to be replaced by a more reassured look.

"Sorry about the formalities, Mr. Hodgins. You know how it is."

"It's silly, that's what it is," 'Hodgins' replied with another sigh.

Washed Up Punter

Mar-23-2013 20:41

To Grem’s relief, L accepts the chance to examine the remains…and in a way her apology for what just happened. She relaxes into the couch and took a deep breath. That would be tomorrow night. It was fairly dark now, but she is nearly certain that The Cacophony Conservatory would still be open. Even dead, the ill tuned instruments playing during the night is still creepy to Grem. She approaches the window and opens it a crack, just enough for her bat form. She shifts into a vampire bat, and slips off into the night.

Moments after, Grem picks to feed near the Mother of Innocence Cathedral. The cemetery in the back attracts a very good amount of crows and ravens. She attacks her victim crow and sucks it dry. At this time, it is around 10 at night. She notices Manfred Gesling opening the door for two shadows. She can see that one is none other than Victor Chen of the Dies Arcanum Brotherhood. The other figure causes her to drop her meal. It is someone she recognizes. Crabapple, another vampire from her early days in Shanghai.

Grem had first encountered Crabapple when Crab made a visit to Shanghai to seek revenge on the Eastern Triad. She had stayed with the Crypt before departing again very shortly. Grem initially wanted to seek the friendship of Crab, but Crab had her own agenda. Crab’s daily routines of Hail Mary’s and devotion to the Holy Bible drove Grem away. The other vampires did not seem to mind it at all, Crab wasn’t doing any harm with her belief that although she is a vampire that she is a child of god.

But what is she doing here now with the Dies Arcanum Brotherhood? The political faction that holds the twisted belief that they are god’s messengers and molding that to mean that every action they took is justified. With a minute more of thought, Grem connects that Crab’s affiliation to the Dies Arcanum Brotherhood makes sense. She frowns. What Crab is doing with the Brotherhood is not Grem’s business and Grem did not want it to be her business

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