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Holiday Writing Contest 2012
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luc pfeiffer
luc pfeiffer

Dec-21-2012 12:29

Hi all! and Happy Holidays!!

We have started a writing contest in the fun and games board. But we have also heard that not everyone looks at the fun and games board, so they don't know it's up. We want everyone on Sleuth to submit an entry. (Yes, i know, it won't happen, but i can dream.) There are a couple of requirements, but the entries are typically FANTASTIC! (You all are amazing writers if no one has told you that lately.) We also extend an invitation to those who have trouble writing in English. (We actually enjoy grammar floops and believe that these entries are just as valid and good as one in the queen's english.) The overriding thing is the CONTENT, not the does and doeses.

So come one, come all. Come submit an entry and make our year!!! If you have any questions about the rules or expectations of the contest, please PM any of the directors of Wish on a Star.

Until then, MORE EGGNOG! ;0) L


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Jan-30-2013 08:06

Congrats to all and thanks for the fantastic stories :-)

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