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Nemesis Bug Fixes and Holiday Subscription Discounts
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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Dec-4-2012 14:22

We've fixed some particularly nasty Nemesis bugs (finally):

1) The notorious "hourglass" bug should no longer trap hunters in it's annoying grasp.

2) Players who are not on a Nemesis hunt should no long be at risk of accidentally running into Nemesis content out of nowhere.

Again, I really apologize for these (particularly the first one). I actually was hoping to stay intentionally keep myself ignorent of some of the Nemesis content so I could enjoy playing my hunt alongside the rest of you. I should have spent more time understanding everything so I could give it more QA time.

Also... it's that time of year again:

We're offering 15% discounts off all Sleuth: Noir subscriptions. Please consider helping us out. The operating fund is pretty thin right now so consider re-subscribing to help keep the lights on.

Thanks all,

Sleuth Strong


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Mar-8-2013 06:47

RE: Nemesis - I've reported this already but I want to ask you, the community. Has anyone seen the bribe twist come up? I need to quit 5 cases for bribes but the twist doesn't come up, I've been waiting for it for about 3. 5 weeks. I'm wondering if its just my situation or perhaps the twist has magically evaporated. Has anyone seen it come up recently?

Pinball Amateur

Mar-8-2013 09:18

Yeah, it's there. It's sporadic at times, and it seemed like when I needed them, they went *POOF* and disappeared on me, so I know how you're feeling. You willing to come work with us for a bit?? We'll be happy to supply you with a few of them. Let me know, Sophie. ;-)


Tireless Tiger

Mar-8-2013 12:32

I feel you Sophie. I've had to wait quite a while when I needed it as well. Now I can't seem to get the twist to come up to give me a chance at the nemesis clue. I'm now over 100 AI cases played on am on the last city of my 2nd VH since I've had that twist come around. Makes me wonder if that damn street urchin has become a victim of my nemesis!

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