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My Contact Clammed up on Me.

Trusted Informer

Nov-19-2012 03:18

Unbelievable, isn't it? On my first case of the day.

Here's what my contact screen said:

I wanted to talk to Shaiming Bao, the Fish Monger.

Shaiming was an important contact of mine, but I knew he couldn't give me any special help on this case.

I needed to check a suspect's alibi, and he clammed up. The usual options appeared, ie. Sweet talk, intimidate, judge his character, bribe.

I've reported this as a bug, but has anyone else faced this? Betrayal at the hands of the person who always promised to cooperate because you caught his friend's murderer?

Is he angry because I haven't bought fish for the past couple of days? Is there some townie against sleuth backstabbing rebellion on?

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