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Inconsistency in Shady's fees
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Trusted Informer

Nov-17-2012 05:16

Here's what the newbie FAQ says: Shady's rates are the same whether you have one or two false accusations.

But from what I see, his rates are most definitely not the same for two accusations, and besides, they increase the more cases you solve.

Just to clarify, I'm not here to complain about how my run of ill luck with false accusations or about my dwindling bank balance.

I'm here to clarify about what exactly is going on.

In Shanghai,for one false accusation, he demanded 10,602$. Since I believed the Newbie FAQ, I decided to wait instead of paying immediately, and was pressured to take a guess. For two false accusations, the rate then climbed to 11,052$. I didn't pay immediately. I solved another case. The rate is now 11,100$.

Seriously? I planned on solving more cases to earn more money to help pay it off, but seriously, I can't solve any more cases because he'll hike the rates every time I earn more money? Unless I pay it off immediately?

It is my request to the admins to either fix the inflation bug or fix the facts in the Newbie FAQ. And the answers to this post will help determine whether any others have also faced unfair inflation.

Having said that, I love the game and please do not mistake my frustration about this to be an expression of anger against the game itself.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Nov-18-2012 01:01

TYPO EDIT: I found however, having advanced skills in one set and having the clothes to supplement this works better early on than trying to do (or be) both and having those interview skills at a basic level.

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