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Inconsistency in Shady's fees
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Trusted Informer

Nov-17-2012 05:16

Here's what the newbie FAQ says: Shady's rates are the same whether you have one or two false accusations.

But from what I see, his rates are most definitely not the same for two accusations, and besides, they increase the more cases you solve.

Just to clarify, I'm not here to complain about how my run of ill luck with false accusations or about my dwindling bank balance.

I'm here to clarify about what exactly is going on.

In Shanghai,for one false accusation, he demanded 10,602$. Since I believed the Newbie FAQ, I decided to wait instead of paying immediately, and was pressured to take a guess. For two false accusations, the rate then climbed to 11,052$. I didn't pay immediately. I solved another case. The rate is now 11,100$.

Seriously? I planned on solving more cases to earn more money to help pay it off, but seriously, I can't solve any more cases because he'll hike the rates every time I earn more money? Unless I pay it off immediately?

It is my request to the admins to either fix the inflation bug or fix the facts in the Newbie FAQ. And the answers to this post will help determine whether any others have also faced unfair inflation.

Having said that, I love the game and please do not mistake my frustration about this to be an expression of anger against the game itself.



Nov-17-2012 09:05

Hi lawlie

I completely understand your frustrations but there is a smiple rule which IS DO NOT GUESS EVER!!! I suppose you are now learning the hard way. I have had 2 false accusations on my name for a really really long time now as i think shady wants about a milllion $ from to take them off. I will be ok as long as i dont ever guess. You could do the same or guess again and get your detective retired, at this point you do have a choice of reactivating your detective but you will lose experience points, a precentage of your money, all your contacts and a piece of clothing. Your skill points will also be reduced by your new level of expereince.

I did realise that the amount to pay shady off would be more if you have 2 false accusations compared to 1 as i he probably has more work to do to remove them.

Trusted Informer

Nov-17-2012 09:17

DreamCatcher, I'm not complaining about having to pay, as I already clarified.

I'm complaining that I'm having to pay in a manner which is not the same as what the rules say. It's my fault for making the accusation, I'm not denying that. But the way I'm charged for it is not my fault.

It's not fair to explicitly tell a player that they won't be charged extra for the second accusation, and then continue charging them extra for every correctly solved case. It's wrong.

I understand the penalties of retirement. But this. This is preventing me from solving cases because I know Shady will raise his fee as I earn more money. This is very, very unfair.

Once again, I'm not complaining about my carelessness.

Thanks for the advice anyway, but I hope there's a solution.


Nov-17-2012 09:34

Shady's prices go up every time you earn you exp points. What the rules are saying is that there isn't a higher premium nor a discount if you pay off 2 accusations vs 1.

If you do easy cases, you'll earn money at a faster rate than you will exp points rather than the other way around. Also, when you have the money, visit Shady in Delhi. He's cheapest there.

The most cost effective way to pay him is borrow from a friend and pay them back. That way you don't get the increased fee from working, and even at the level Shady needs from me, I can usually earn enough to pay back the loan in a couple weeks (if I actually work cases). :)

Trusted Informer

Nov-17-2012 10:06

I see. Well for what it's worth, I think the FAQ should be a little clearer. Probably clarify that the calculation of fees is the same for one false accusation or two, instead of saying that the fee is the same. Another reason for the confusion was that I'd found another popular thread on Shady, on which another couple of users had had the same confusion, but nobody clarified it.

Anyhow, I've been scared of solving another case because of the hikes. Guess I'll get back to that.

Cfm and Dreamcatcher, thanks.

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Nov-17-2012 11:09

Be lucky you don't have to pay over 6 million..ugh! I, thankfully do not have one, but if I did, I'm in that range. EEEKKKK!!!!

I agree with CFM, Do easy cases to raise your money faster withough gaining a whole lot of xp and you will make the money quicker. Also I believe its 10% cheaper in Delhi to pay Shday than the other cities, so definitely worth taking a trip there to rid them.

Most importantly, never guess. Always better to quit a case than run the rist of getting a FA. No one see's your quit cases amout but you anway.

Good luck L. Let me know if you would like some money to help pay the stinker off!!

Trusted Informer

Nov-17-2012 11:27

Thank you, all three of you, for your advice and overall encouragement :)

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Nov-17-2012 13:24

I worked it out before, and from memory it adds $1 for beginner cases and then doubles.
It means that an AI adds $512 so that if you have to pay even one bribe for doing an AI case, you've lost money. (In that Shady's fee goes up more than you make for solving the cases.)

Initial fee (don't know calculation) for one F.A then as you solve cases:

Beginner - +1
Easy - +2
Intermediate - +4
Hard - +8
Really Hard - +16
Really Really Hard - +32
Incredibly Hard - +64
Stupendously Hard - +128
Ridiculously Hard - +256
Almost Impossible - +512

So, if your 1st F.A is calculated at 500 and you do five easy cases, Shady's price will now be 505. You do another easy case then you get an F.A. His price will then be 506. Not 1506 or anything.


Use the formula.

Always double check.

Never guess.

And use (but don't rely on) the Sleuth Helper to takes notes for you.


On a personal note, are you using smart gear to search crime scenes?
Are you making use of your agencies contacts and asking them for help?
Do you need help with skills?

Trusted Informer

Nov-17-2012 19:28

Lady Emerald Devon,

Thank you for the advice.

Our agency directory Lou Hoyle probably looks at the equipment log and sees me borrowing smart gear, tough gear & charming gear all the time, at the appropriate times.

I always make use of the one contact I have. I try to find out which suspect doesn't know anything suspicious, so I can ration out my questions accordingly. And I always find out how many suspects I have left, so I don't need to waste more questions on motives. I'm really, really careful. I really am.

I did make a mistake and I'm not proud of that. I have taken full responsibility for it, and Lady Jas has been extremely helpful.

As for my skills, well let's say that, I'm a very very risk averse person. Other sleuths with my experience are probably solving really hard cases. I always stick to solving intermediate cases. Is anyone here rolling on the floor laughing at me? I can't summon the courageous to take on harder cases, though I know they pay more money and experience points. I'm that careful!

For what it's worth, the rules should be clearer about whether it's a lump sum fee or a proportionate fee. Back in school there were kids who always got confused when asked to write the merits of lump sum tax vs proportionate tax. And progressive tax is what one would apply to multiple FAs.

Anyhow, I'm usually very careful (wearing proper gear, rationing questions) and this false accusation was careless desperation on my part. I won't repeat it.

Thanks everyone :)

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Nov-18-2012 00:58

This is more a general post to any newbie looking for help and may or may not be applicable to you.

I'm sure it's a typo but if you're borrowing tough and charming gear, that might be why cases are so hard. Playing a charming/tough detective can be difficult. Most people focus on getting one set of interview skills first. You can do it but it means instead of having advanced in one set of interviews skills early on, you have the basic skills of both interview routes first which can mean more clamming.

Smart gear is for getting as much info out of the crime scenes as possible.
For example instead of a hair, a cury hair.

Charming OR tough gear is for interviewing people.
And use your gear to supplement your tough interview skill (ie interrogation or intimidation) or your charming interview skill (ie sweeting talk or rule bending).

If you have Judge of Character and it says that it will be better to be tough then you can change into tough clothes to supplement your tough skills.

I found however, having advanced skills in one set and having the clothes to supplement this works better early on than trying to both and having those interview skills at a basic level.

Although I am sure you already know this, I wanted to clarify just in cases.

(For more on this:

As for cases, it may help to put your cases in the files and ask your agency members to have a look at the P.E with their contacts BEFORE you interview people. This is the advantage of having an agency.

There's no point have a clammed, unsolvable case when it could have be solved with a little help with from your friends.

This is more a general post to any newbie looking for help and may or may not be applicable to you.

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Nov-18-2012 01:01

TYPO EDIT: I found however, having advanced skills in one set and having the clothes to supplement this works better early on than trying to do (or be) both and having those interview skills at a basic level.

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