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How does Shady calculate the fees?

Trusted Informer

Nov-5-2012 07:12

Yes, I made a dreadful mistake while solving a hard case, because the thread under the victim's fingernail turned out to be from an innocent person (who also had a fake alibi).

My experience points are 3170. And yet Shady in London is asking for $3804 to clear my record. How does he calculate his fees?

I didn't find the method of calculation in the Newbie FAQ...


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Nov-5-2012 08:44

There something definitely wrong. I think you should report it as a bug. Since it's based on a percentage of your exp points the amount you have to pay shouldn't be greater than your exp points.

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Nov-5-2012 08:53

I THINK London is the most expensive city whereas Delhi is the cheapest.
If you haven't already paid it off, go to Delhi.

Pinball Amateur

Nov-5-2012 10:48

Shady's rates are based on a secret algorithm of some kind that Admin developed. It's calculated based on your experience and number of cases solved, I believe. All cities are the same rate except for Delhi, which has a 20% discount, for some reason or another (never been privy to the info on that one, sorry ;-). Every case you solve increases the price a little more, so be prudent in your case solving until you get the thing paid. A second false doesn't cost more (ie.-you'll still have the same rate and price to deal with), but it does put you closer to retirement. That comes after your third false (you don't wanna go there, trust me ;-).

So, bottom line, how to deal with the darned thing. If there's no computerized hanky-panky goin' on, you prob'ly should try and pay Shady asap. The easiest way to get the money is to solve as many favors as possible, and sell the rewards (favors tend to pay about 4X as much as the typical case does). There's also the possibility of getting help from an Agency, if you're interested in trying one (often Agencies will either pay off or loan newbies money for Shady, as long as you don't accumulate dozens of falses. Mistakes happen, and a good Agency will understand that and not hold it against you. They'll also often give you travelling money to get to Delhi.).

If you have the money, and can travel to Delhi, that generally is the cheapest, if not necessarily the easiest, way to pay Shady. If you're not up to it, or don't have the funds, come talk to one of us. We'll see what we can do to help.

Hope that helps a bit. Good luck, and say hi to the ol' geezer for me, wouldya?? ;-D


P.S.--Some of us with more experience have incredibly high prices on our heads if we get a false (in the neighborhood of $2-4 million; yes, that's MILLION, unfortunately ;-). So when us ol' timers tell you to be careful, there's a reason why. ;-D B.

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