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Annoying Bugs... and no, not biggie's bunny
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Safety Officer

Nov-1-2012 15:55

OK so yes, I am aware of a spate of bugs. Really my inbox tells me so every day.

The main one that seems to be grabbing a range of people is where you try to solve a case (usually a favour) and you get booted to the error screen.

** Your only option at this point is to QUIT. **

That's unacceptable, I know and understand that.

I can only give you the somewhat well-worn phrase 'Ben's working on it'.

There are other minor things that are happening with Nemesis that don't really seem to be too game-changing, except to say:

* Beef Flaps is roaming Sleuthville in neverending circles trying to find an HOURGLASS. If anyone is also having this problem, or they have gotten past this mission please let me know, or Beef Flaps.

* there 'might' be a problem boarding the Sleuthetania. It gets used so rarely that it's hard to know if this is wide-spread or user-based just from bug reports.

I apologise (for what that's worth from someone who has no control over fixing stuff) for the inconvenience this is causing subscribers.

I will endeavour to harrass the appropriate code monkeys.


Con Artist

May-4-2016 10:40

Thanks Yeti, it works fine now :-)

Congrats on your new title :-D

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