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Solving and Getting The Boot
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Beef Flaps
Beef Flaps
Lucky Stiff

Oct-5-2012 16:43

Although I've reported the bug or problem, I wanted to see if anyone else in the Sleuth community was having a similar issue. This has been happening way too often. I have my guilty party all lined up. I click to solve the case, and the moment I do, I get logged out. Logging back in, I have one less case. I don't receive money for solving the case, or my prize, and in the case today, I don't get a clue for my villain hunt.

Anyone else having this issue? My ass is getting sore from constantly getting booted.


Carrie Mehome
Carrie Mehome

Nov-24-2012 16:20

Bug got me too !
I have to quit.
The Baffling Exercise of the Unnamed Murder

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