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Attention all you sleuthers
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M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Sep-7-2012 20:58

This game takes place in an era that was big for the mafia. Ranging from the 1920's all the way to the 40's. But the question is, do you know your mafia and gangster history?

This game is going to be a LIVE trivia! Yes, you read it right. Live! In the barchat, hosted by none other than....drum roll please...Me!

I need a minimum of 10 players. Once a date is picked for this, all players will be notified when to arrive in barchat.

A series of questions will be asked, all pertaining to mafia and gangster history.

Even though this game is set in a certain time period, this trivia will range from 1900 all the way to the 1980's.

Sign ups start now and more information about the date is soon to come.

I know it isn't the best prize of all time, but the winner of the trivia, will receive a 3 month gift subscription.

I ask that you all start your research on mobsters and gangsters, now. I prefer that you do not look up the answers on the night of the trivia.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


T.A. Worthington
T.A. Worthington

Oct-19-2012 10:03

I'll try and spread the word.

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