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Night of the Nemesiseses - Midnight 9/9
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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Sep-4-2012 14:59

Serges has been hard at work on a very cool update these past few months, and he's finally ready to release his creation on Sleuth Noir players.

I'll let him reveal or not reveal whatever he sees fit, but the broad outline is: this expansion provides new content for advanced players who have already captured multiple Arch Villains.

Stay tuned


Christopher Leroy
Christopher Leroy
Old Shoe

Sep-9-2012 09:55

No Carrie, it just confirms the launch to be in about 14 hours.

Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

Sep-9-2012 23:16

Nemesis started and up till now goes smooth

The help screen is the following

Nemesis Hunts are a grueling series of challenges, designed only for the most experienced Sleuths. You can expect a nemesis hunt to take anywhere from several weeks to several months to complete. We'll leave the details of hunting a nemesis for you to discover, but there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

To start a nemesis hunt, you must visit the Prince in Shangri-La. You must have captured 10 or more villains since your last captured nemesis (or captured 10 or more villains total if this is your first nemesis hunt) to open one.
For the duration of the hunt, you will be able to go about your daily Sleuth business as you like. With one notable exception, working on a nemesis hunt does not block access to anything in Sleuth.
You cannot quit a nemesis hunt. Once accepted, you will either succeed or fail.
If you lose the ability to find your nemesis, you will fail the hunt, and will need to return to Shangri-La if you wish to begin another one.
Your nemesis will occasionally interfere with your cases. This will only happen on Almost Impossible cases, and you will be notified immediately when he has interfered.

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