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The Sleuth Mail Mystery dun dun dun
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Aug-9-2012 22:02

I am starting a real case via sleuth mail. But I'm gonna need 20-25 detectives. What will happen is I will make a detective and the detective after 5 days will randomly choose someone to eliminate.
The reason I said after 5 days is I'm giving the 1st few people to be eliminated more time to make an accuasation of who the murderer is. And if you make a false accuasation you're eliminated.I will give you one clue. And you can purchase more clues by solving cases. But you can only get 3 more clues.
You'll get points for solving a sleuth case. A clue is more points every time you buy one.

1st clue you buy: 15 points
2nd clue you buy: 35 points
last clue you can buy: 50 points

Case points:

beginner:0 points
easy:0 points
intermediate:1 point
hard:2 points
really hard:2 points
really really hard:3 points
incredibly hard: 4
stupendously hard: 5 points
ridicously hard: 6 points
almost impossible: 8 points

Have fun while doing it!
Or die trying!



Aug-13-2012 20:43

How about this for the clues molly, I'll set a number of xp that you have to get to get another clue. I'll set a number that a sleuth can get to but it won't be to easy to get.

Pinball Amateur

Aug-19-2012 21:43

I would guess that it might be possible to track the participants' experience points as they progress through this, yes? You'd have to abide by the honor system as far as extra and apartment cases go, but I presume y'all still do that during Tournaments. Those with lesser amounts of experience (ie, rookies) would need less amounts of points earned to gain a 'clue' than old-timers like me (doesn't take most experienced people to rack up 100k in cases and favors in normal play ;-).

Not real sure what's with the rest of your game, but there's a possible solution. Hope it helps. ;-)


Pinball Amateur

Aug-19-2012 21:45

(Sorry, that should say it doesn't take MUCH TIME for most experienced people to rack up 100k in cases and favors, etc, etc. Oops. ;-) B.

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