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Dawn of the Dead Agency Presents the Summer Story Competition!
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Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Jul-1-2012 17:42

Summer is in full swing, one and all! In honor of this long-awaited time of year, and the slow but steady revival of our beloved community, Dawn of the Dead Agency is putting forth a Summer Story Competition! Much like the Holiday Writing Competition Wish Upon a Star sponsored in 2009, our entrants must adhere to a simple set of rules for their entry to be considered by our dishonorable judges, otherwise known as the zombies of the beloved Dawn of the Dead Agency. The rules are as follows!

1. The story must have a summertime theme. This is a broad spectrum, involving anything one might do on summer vacation or a nice summers day.

2. Entries MUST USE- I repeat MUST USE, all of the listed elements somewhere in their story, although no particular order is required.
The elements are as follows:

-A red kazzo
-a comically large margarita
-an underinflated beach ball
-a blue checkered picnic blanket
-a brilliant display of fireworks
-a very sunburned uncle
-sand between your toes
-a hammock
-a pirate in a hawaiian shirt
-a parrot that only sings medleys of Cher songs
-a fanny pack
-a mysteriously abandoned bikini top
-a sinister volleyball
-three coconuts
-a bottle of Maui Babe suntan lotion

*Once again, you must use all of these items somewhere in your story, wherever and however you see fit.

3. Entries have a 2 post limit (about 4000 characters).

4. Prize will be a special custom item selected by Dawn of the Dead!

5. Have fun with it!

We hope to see a lot of entries from our sleuth community! The contest will run until Saturday, July 14th at which point our agency will begin judging entries!

Happy writing, all!


Washed Up Punter

Jul-29-2012 16:18

Woo-hoo! My first (kind of) win in the Sleuth community...thanks y'all!!

Pinball Amateur

Aug-14-2012 17:26

*Just peeking in....* ;-)

It's nice to know our efforts to bring some fun to Sleuth are remembered, even in passing. I'm glad to see so many wonderful entries, and that the enthusiasm for these contests is not completely dead (forgive the pun ;-). I wish I'd known about this a month ago, or I might have put something up like Squirrel did.

Again, Congratulations to all the participants, and THANK YOU to everyone at Dawn of the Dead for hosting this, especially Molly Maltese. Fantastic job!! ;-D ;-D


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