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A new challenge...
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Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jun-19-2012 20:57

People of Sleuthville, lend me your ears!
I call out now to all you tomb-raiders and treasure seekers! To those who love the thrill of a good treasure hunt!

In the spirit of friendly competition i propose a challenge.
This challenge will require 10 adventurous detectives to be split onto 2 Teams, each team consisting of 5 members, in 2 newly made Agencies of my own making in NY.

These two agencies will compete against each other in Treasure Hunts.
The first team to get their agency to 7,000 Fame wins:

$200,000 Prize to be split among the team evenly.
(Working out to $40,000 a piece for each teammate...not too shabby huh?)
Also each team after the contest ends will vote amongst themselves on who alone among their team was MVP (someone who went above and beyond, did a really excellent job, etc) The MVP's from Both teams will win a 3 month gift subscription from me personally.
You also win bragging rights and honor for your home agencies on being an awesome treasure hunter.
Whether your team chooses single or multi-city hunt strategy is entirely up to you.

Obviously this competition will run for a while, (I'm venturing a guess at anywhere between 2 weeks to a month depending on how luck smiles on you or how good you and your teammates are).

It goes without saying that you would be required to resign temporarily from whatever agency you are currently in to join my competing agencies for the contest. You are allowed to enter an alternate detective if you wish if you're too attached to have your main detective leave your agency, and the only rules are:

1) Absolutely NO Password Sharing.
2) Only one entry per contestant
3) Have fun.

I want to know who among you treasure hunters really has what it takes to come together and co-ordinate as a team to truly be the best.



Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jun-30-2012 16:37

Good Questions Drew, i honestly hadn't given apartments or sidekick cases a thought. Obviously any restrictions i put in place will be enforced only by the honor code, id be trusting people to play within whatever limitations i set. I think since my aim in this contest is to keep things on a clean slate and even playing field that apartment usage is definitely allowable. Just all contestants please make sure your case files in your apartments are empty before the contest. Using your apartments to store extra cases after the contest begins is fair play as i call it. And since i dont think any contestant so far has anything more than 1 sidekick case im not going to bother restricting sidekick cases. If you have them use them, i dont see 1 extra case being that big of an advantage.

Drew Harris
Drew Harris
Sleuth About Town

Jun-30-2012 19:01

We're on the same page :) Those are my thoughts exactly. Always better to know beforehand, though. And I am fully confident of my fellow Sleuthers' honor :D

Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jun-30-2012 21:46

Drew - I also have complete faith in everyone involved in this, that it will be a fun and fair game played.


I have been thinking things over, and ive decided the contest finish line will be set at:
First Team closest to 15,000 Fame for Treasure hunting in a 2 week time limit wins.

On July 15th the games begin and the contestants entered will need to have the following:

- Do some spring cleaning with those case files for those planning on using their apartments.
- Be resigned and ready to accept an invite for my soon-to-be two agencies, teams will randomly be assigned either to The Raiders or The Crusaders.
- Game faces will need to be on. >:)

Also the entry form so far is:
Molly Maltese
Summer Daze
Ms Helen
Drew Harris
Carrie Mehome
Beef Flaps

Thats 15 people ready to show me what they've got. I'd prefer an even number if i cant get a full 24 people. So Ive still got 9 available slots left, and there is still 14 days left to sign up.

Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

Jun-30-2012 23:26


Time for me to stick my nose into your contest again. My aim is keep things on an even playing field as you suggested.

If I were in your shoes, I would chart where all the contestants stand on faction points. As everyone knows, it takes 10 faction points to even start a TH. If you balanced out the teams to be able to start AVH's equally, I think that would go a long way toward keeping a level playing field. That would be a huge improvement over randomness.

Also, if you assigned the teammates now, everyone could coordinate faction standing deficiencies between now and July 15. If more entries come, you could assign them equitably without upsetting any kind of faction balancing.

I would assume you would also like to balance teams between newbies, veterans, and intermediate players as opposed to random assignments.

Hope everyone has a grand time!

Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jun-30-2012 23:39

As usual a capital suggestion Night Queen, i appreciate it, Thank you. I hadn't given that much thought either, but now i will.

I will commence lurking on all contestants detective pages to see their faction standings and start making a list of who's who. >:)

Old Shoe

Jul-1-2012 09:29

You sure have a lot of work to do Jason.
Good luck and courage!

Ed Carlyle
Ed Carlyle

Jul-1-2012 10:38

Hey I'm in!


Jul-1-2012 10:58

Two full teams really are needed for this. Count me in, but feel free to bump me out if you run out of room.

Washed Up Punter

Jul-1-2012 11:04

I'm in!! Love the spirited adventure. I do not want to be away from my agency for long so I appreciate the 2 week benchmark;)

Jason Arends
Jason Arends
Lucky Stiff

Jul-1-2012 12:52

Keep em coming guys you're all on the list, that makes 18 people entered, ideally im shooting for 6 more contestants. C'mon where are you all hiding? :D

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