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The Resistance: Order of Socrates Restores Order
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Battered Shoe

Jun-18-2012 11:08

Once again, turmoil is brewing in the underground crime world of New York. The city is slowly being taken over by La Cosa Nostra, the New York underground mafia. They are recruiting members at record numbers and they can be seen in every night club and bar scaring away customers. And now Joseph Hollis, the High Philosopher of the Order of Socrates, and mayor of New York, has learned of a secret plan by his rival faction, La Cosa Nostra, to go on a crime spree and make off with money, valuables, and ultimate control of various establishments in New York.

Mr. Hollis, being not only concerned with the livelihoods of the patrons of his city, but also with his rival faction gaining too much power, has decided to put together a team of trusted Order of Socrates resistance operatives to foil the plans of La Cosa Nostra. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of attrition lately, and certain people have been going to the highest bidder to offer their services as a spy working from within the Order of Socrates. Joseph is aware of this and he's put together the best possible team he can think of, but unwittingly will be inviting some spies for La Cosa Nostra to his team of operatives.

As long as the loyal Order of Socrates operatives can figure out whom amongst them is untrustworthy, their mission should be a success. But if they trust the wrong people, La Cosa Nostra will succeed and cause severe damage to the New York economy, while gaining enough power to take over the city.

Will the mayor and his team be able to restore order to New York? Or will the underground mafia, take over the city's resources? That's for you to decide in this version of The Resistance: Order of Socrates Restores Order


Lucky Stiff

Jun-27-2012 05:50

"Biggie, I always knew it was you. Lol I never took your "oh I did that because I can sometimes take idiotic decisions" statement seriously."

BTW, I'm flattered you don't think I'm a moron, but everyone here knows I get overexcited and post/say things without thinking :) Seriously, guys, you know this lol.

Eden Zweig
Eden Zweig

Jun-27-2012 05:51

For Resistance people who have doubts that Marc and Biggie are spies, just like Ms helen and Jason. I have to tell you once again (in case you haven't read any of my previous posts)

1. First, I posted that I thought Marc was most likely a spy. I explained why.

2. You all know what I've always thought Biggie was, a spy. I made many explanations for that.

3. And then deliberately, I approved the team, highly suspecting that these two would turn out spies and would fail the game. I did this to identify them.

If I were a spy then so would Serges be and Illicit be. Now Serges will use his card on Biggie and what we have been saying will be confirmed :)

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Jun-27-2012 06:23

Eden, my good friend. You are so full of yourself. You and Serges are the spies who sabotaged this mission. It's you, Jason, Helen, and Serges. It's no wonder he requested you be on that team that chose.

Lucky Stiff

Jun-27-2012 06:24

Serges has already used his card on me. And said I voted Sabotage. Which I did not. I'm the one still waiting for my card to be used.

To negate what you're saying:

1. Marc could still be a spy. I doubt it very highly, but its possible. However, he also gave Serges a card, btw, why the hell would he give a card like to that to the most experienced player who's clearly much better at strategizing than the rest of us, unless he was Resistance and believed Serges was as well??

2. If I were a spy, why did I pass the last mission? I would have given myself away had I sabotaged, but the same thing would have happened this time so it wouldn't have made a difference except extended the game another round.

3. Your deliberate passing of the team could very well have been so you and Serges could sabotage, not so me and Marc would.

Just because you and Serges are spies doesn't mean Illicit is. And further, Serges saying that I'm a spy doesn't CONFIRM anything. All it confirms is that I think you're screaming the loudest because you have the most to hide :)

Eden Zweig
Eden Zweig

Jun-27-2012 07:25

@Marc: Full of myself? lol Marc, I stand in awe. I really do. I aspire to be a spy like you, but I'd like to last long, lol.

You gave up Jason because his cover was blown. You have tried to hold on to him really long, though, congrats!

Eden Zweig
Eden Zweig

Jun-27-2012 07:27


No Biggie. I don't plan on writing all that stuff about you along the game once again. My whole point was that your decisions were irrational, which you yourself falsely -and very easily too- confessed, because you are a spy. The facts hadn't changed but your opinions suddenly changed at the time.

And contrary to what you say, smart people know that a little stats can remove doubts in an otherwise confusing situation. It's their call.

You passed the last mission because you thought it was your ONLY chance of winning the game.
Actually, by doing that you LOST the game, lol.

Let's see why:

It was because people trusted us and not you that they approved the team. So if you had sabotaged that mission, they'd automatically think that you were the spy, which would be true. You'd be identified. See, people have a built-in reasoning mechanism that favors stats, the stats that Serges, Illicit and I indirectly provided them with by always voting SUCCEED. 3 succeeds, 3 people, repeatedly.

You thought that their finding out that you were a spy was more important than winning the game! So lol, yes. Maybe you get overexcited. That however has nothing to do with maing idiotic decisions.

Now HAD you sabotaged the third mission:

Your team would get ahead: 2-1

You would be identified.

Marc would propose the team for the 4th mission:

We'd have to either vote it down, or pass it. If it passed, Marc would choose you in the game so our knowing your identity would be useless. You'd fail it out in the open, lol. You'd win by 3-1.

If we voted it down, then that would be the 4th mission we rejected.

We'd have to accpet Ms. Helen's mission. Ms Helen would then choose into her team Jason, you or Marc(if 2 sabotages are a must again - otherwise her vote would suffice to win).

We'd again lose the game.


Eden Zweig
Eden Zweig

Jun-27-2012 07:33

Of course, I'm explaining all this because I am waiting for Serges to use his card on you.

I searched the board and I didn't see anywhere that you voted "success".

Eden Zweig
Eden Zweig

Jun-27-2012 07:41

Ah ok so it was sent to Serges. That doesn't change the facts.

Because this is clear: Getting two spies in a team when you don't need to (like in your case) makes people lose game.

Because they can never make sure who among them will sabotage it. Because 1 vote is enough and 2 sabotage votes would make people identify spies from the start. And that was where you made your false confession, lol.

Lucky Stiff

Jun-27-2012 07:45

This mission REQUIRED two sabotage votes, no?

Meaning you and Serges HAD to vote to sabotage or the spies would have lost. Also, the next mission needs only one.

Your posting makes no sense. :)

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Jun-27-2012 07:59

The words 'I told you so' come to mind :s

Funny how all the failed missions have had Serges/Eden in them. I totally get why people would assume I'm a spy from the second mission it's the easier option but now we're left going into the 5th mission not knowing who two of the spies are whilst Serges and Eden rub their hands in glee.

They've been lucky, without the cards they had they would never have been able to pull this off.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Eden keeps banging on about how I have been proven to be a spy, have I buggery the only way it's been 'proved' is by Eden and Serges which, their word as we have seen, speaks for very little.

As for the other 2 spies, I really don't know where to begin as so many people have done something that could be contstrued as suspicious.

Marc you say I am a spy. The only way I have been 'proved' to be a spy is by Serges and Eden the other two people you are adamant are spies. That is completely floored logic which to me suggests you are resistance and just very confused by the game (easily done lol)

Molly is acting very different in this game to how she did in the last game which could suggest resistance or she could be a very good actress.

Riza has kept awfully quiet so it's hard to see whether she has been consistant or not, the same goes for Cek.

I'm inclined ot think Illicit is resistance unless Serges decided to lie for his own gameplay, unlikely but as we have seen anything is possible with him.

Jason, well he's just a whole host of confusion...and not just in this game :p

Biggie, I honestly don't know.

Sorry if that's all confusing, I have a poorly baby girl so I've had to keep adding bits when I've had a chance.

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