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May Writing Competition
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M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Apr-25-2012 16:52


Ivy Spini
Ivy Spini

May-4-2012 12:32

Another visit yielded no more positive results. This time Carolyn asked straight.
“Spini, do you know anything new?”
“Closer and closer, Doctor " this case will be over faster than you can say “Manhattan”. A question " was Orion Bankhart in your office the day of the murder?”
“Hm. Might this print be his?”
Some mental wall broke inside Doctor.
“Spini! What does that even mean? Who’s that Bankhart?”
“A loan shark. He was angry because Callandra had forgotten his birthday twice”.
“T-this makes no bloody sense! Are you pulling my leg?”
“Believe me, Doctor, people have murdered over that. Why, last week…”
“I don’t need to hear your tell-tales! Are you even doing something " anything? I know I’m not exactly paying " so tell me to get lost, and I will! And have your free appointments, s-since you…” Carolyn paused and tried to wipe her eyes without Spini noticing.
“That maledetto smog is killing me too, Mrs. Smythe” " Spini handed her a crumpled hankie. “Now then, Doctor, no need to get irate. I have three possible murderers, see. This footprint…”
“Is not Bankhart’s. What now? Buy a b-bloodhound? Go asking everyone whether they’d seen something?”
“Sure thing, but first I’ll check the thread I’d found. Carolyn " if I may? If I were not a genius I am, I’d still be stuck in Sicilia. Carolyn, I’ll find that bastardo”.
Her Italian was pretty clear to Doctor; and Spini actually sounded heartfelt. “Thanks, M-miss… um…”
“Name’s Ivy.”

Ivy Spini
Ivy Spini

May-4-2012 12:35

That evening Carolyn had gone to the tailor only to find Ivy bothering Penelope.
“But please, Miss! The case is hanging on this thread indeed! Only you can bring a villain to justice!”
Penelope sighed, pulled a thread out of a piece of cloth and compared the strands for a while before reaching a verdict: “It’s from his vest alright. See, the structure…”
“Why, a thousand thanks, Miss!” " Ivy stormed to the door but Carolyn caught her sleeve.
“Ivy, does that mean…”
“Yes, yes and yes. I’ve been footing him for a while, and now he’s caught”.
“Just one question. Is it always that hard to get some help?”
Ivy’s grin faded slowly. “I guess you already know”.
Next day, Carolyn was in her office when Ivy Spini came in, limping even more.
“Ivy! What the…”
“Doctoro, you just won’t believe my story!”
“Have you got him? Who?”
“Tollison, her servant. He actually thought he could get away with setting you as a patsy! That could never fool me, though”.
“Why? Callandra was the nicest…”
“Cash. He’d lost a grand in gambling”.
“Bloody hell”.
“Tollison just couldn’t believe that he was going to be at Her Majesty’s pleasure! That faccia di culo even tried to attack me”.
“Your limp… Did he injury you?”
“No, no. He almost broke my nose but I threatened to give him lead poisoning and he shut it”.
“So what happened, then?”
“I dropped a paperweight on my foot”.
Carolyn checked her wallet. There was a lonely 50£ bill.
“I really don’t know how to pay you, Miss Spini. I’ll make those appointments free, like I said”.
“It’s just Ivy. And the price is fine. Case closed?”
“Anytime you need help with a case, don’t hesitate to ask”, " Carolyn suddenly stated.
Ivy smiled again, sincerely this time.
A week had passed, and Ivy Spini had barged in Carolyn’s office again.
“Morning, Doctor. Terribly sorry to distract, but would you kindly tell me whether this print…”
“Give me that”, - Carolyn pulled the files out of Ivy’s hands.

Ivy Spini
Ivy Spini

May-4-2012 12:38

“Give me that”, - Carolyn pulled the files out of Ivy’s hands.
“I’ll save you some time, Detective”.

Sorry for overstepping the 4-post limit. If the moderator lets me, I'll fix the mistake.

Safety Officer

May-5-2012 20:42

just so folks know, a post is 2000 characters. That's 'about' 350 - 400 words, depending on your grammatical bigafication. < totally a word!

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

May-6-2012 14:05

We have one great post so far! Keep it up. Hope to see another post soon!

Safety Officer

May-6-2012 20:58

lol I tried to be lazy and use an Intro for a SM I started to write ages ago and erm yes 16000 + characters. Ooops. Long-winded much :D

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

May-7-2012 10:25


I started thinking about the judging and I realized I never mentioned about it. Judging will be grading by numbers. 100 being the highest, 0 being the lowest. The competition has officially started, and we've already got one post. I hope to see more soon!


May-8-2012 00:31

For attention of Prince of Shangri-La

'' To Althea

I have a little hobby. Come, sit, I'll tell you what;
it's just a little pastime, I think you'll agree too.
Just, would you like a cuppa? It comes so piping hot,
we'll warm our hands upon the mug and gas about who's who.
That's right, just you get comfy; - I see you've drunk the lot!
Well, now I'll let you in on my secret, dark habit.
I lure in unsuspecting young people, to this spot;
this room has seen some beauties, I've skinned them like a rabbit.
You look a little puzzled. There really is no need.
I'll explain what is happening; the drug was in your cup!
you'll find it hard to move now; don't pay it any heed;
that's just to make it easy for me to truss you up.
Now, dear, I cannot hear you; - I know it's hard to speak,
so don't know why you're trying, - relax and let me work.
My hobby's so absorbing, the pow'r-rush makes me squeak;
The high anticipation; - the smell of blood and murk...
You see me lay the plastic; you watch with frightened eyes;
I pick out nice clean scalpels, you roll your head and strain;
I cut some juicy slices of flesh out from your thighs,
and pop them in the frypan, then cut and come again.
Oh dear, you've only fainted! That will not do! Not fair!
That spoils the whole effect, wake up! I need to see your pain!
- Dear me, they keep on dying; I'll have to take more care.
I don't know why it happens. Each one I've tried in vain... ''

Wladislav ''Hannibal'' Buranek
''your daily Villain and dedicated fan''.

Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

May-8-2012 08:14

My entry is still forthcoming. I have completed a first draft and am still revising and editing.

Another superb entry from Cekuray. I love the sinister poetry!

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

May-8-2012 09:17

Great posts to the two of you who posted. Both are excellent!

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