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April Showers Writing Contest
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Night Queen
Night Queen
Battered Shoe

Apr-2-2012 22:31

April Showers Writing Contest

When: April 16-20
Prizes: For 1st and 2nd places.

Who: Everyone is invited. The more the merrier. The Unsubscribed may join and even win, but prizes will be withheld until you subscribe (before May 1, 2012). The Subscribed may join AND you may enlist to be a judge by April 7.

1) Detective Biography writing.
2) Creative writing. This category will NOT be graded on spelling or grammar.
3) (Optional) Case Intro writing " only if I can get 2 more judges by April 7.

Needed: 2 Judges. Please note that you may be judge and still enter the contest. Just not within the category you enter.
Contestants may enter more than one category.

Judges so far include:
Night Queen
Cordelia Falco
Lady Jas
Summer Daze

Stay tuned for the rules for each category. Everyone please sign up!



Apr-5-2012 19:09

I'd love to do a detective bio NQ.

Summer Daze
Summer Daze
Freedom Fighter

Apr-6-2012 08:31

@ NQ: Wonderfully well organized. An excellent variety of entry categories too. Looking forward to reading Noir's creative flow later this month :)

@ Ivy: Attagirl -glad to see you're going to be a judge! As a highly creative person yourself you are an ideal choice to judge in the creative section.

@ Everyone: get your pens and paper ready!

Night Queen
Night Queen
Battered Shoe

Apr-10-2012 09:05

Contest Update

Here is a recap of this contest....

Start Date: April 16
Last Date to turn in entries: April 20

There are 3 categories. You may enter 1, 2, or all 3 categories. Only judges are ineligible for certain categories.

Category 1: Detective Biography.
You will choose from 1 of 4 specifically named detectives. These four will be announced the first hour of April 16. Go and seek these four, then decide which one is for you. Write in first person as if you were that person. In your bio, do not contradict the given description of that detective. Spelling, grammar, and most of all ingenuity count.

Category 2: Creative Writing
The subject matter of this category will be announced the first hour of April 16. Only creativity counts.

Category 3: Case Introductions
You have all seen them. They give the flavor of your latest case. Now it is your turn to write one. There will be one restriction of what NOT to include in your intro. That restriction will be posted the first hour of April 16. Spelling, grammar, and most of all ingenuity will all count. Submissions must also be in proper format for an intro. See Noir's section on how to compose an intro.

NOTE: You must copy your entry into this contest thread. Do not submit anywhere else.

Judging will commence April 21 and hopefully be completed in a few days.

Good luck to all contestants and judges!!!

Night Queen
Night Queen
Battered Shoe

Apr-15-2012 23:55

Bio Writing may now commence!

Write a bio for only one of the four. Use the information on your chosen sleuth's page.

The following postings are the sleuths to write about.

Night Queen
Night Queen
Battered Shoe

Apr-16-2012 00:10

If you decide to write for the Creative Writing category, here is what to write about:

The more advanced sleuths know that the Tea Steepers and Tigers of Shangri La are rival factions. Both factions demand exclusive allegiance. For instance, if you choose to please the Tigers, the Tea Steepers will shun you forever"and vice versa. The next thing a sleuth learns is that their chosen faction demands an exchange of items for political standing points. Five points per requested item.
The stuff they request always comes from doing the rewards of Incredibly Hard Favors. Things like Fancy Fedora’s, Fine Leather Briefcases, Sparkly Vests, etc. Special mention that sometimes they even demand the dreaded Rasputin’s Egg! For a more complete list, go to the Eye Spy webpage.
This policy demands an explanation! What in God’s green earth do the Tigers and Steepers do with all this stuff!?
• Are they planning a massive garage sale?
• Are they planning on cornering the market on these items?
• Are they actually using these items for themselves?
• Are they donating to Santa Clause and his elves?
• Are they planning a massive avalanche of stuff off the Himalayas?

What is the grand plan?
Your job is to write a theme about either the Tigers or Tea Steepers explaining why they want this stuff.

• One entry per person.
• Spelling and grammar do NOT count. Just make sure we can understand your meaning.
• The most creative will win.
• Most post your entries on the contest message thread.
• Must avoid objective language. Remember that the message board police are always patrolling. If your entry gets deleted by an admin., your entry will be disqualified.
• You are limited to the length of a single posting.

Special thanks to Vampiric Smile for the inspiration of this topic.

Night Queen
Night Queen
Battered Shoe

Apr-16-2012 00:16

Now for the Case Introduction Category, please start now.

The main limitation is that you cannot write a bio that takes place within the detective's office. We don't want anyone sitting around waiting for either the phone to ring or be waiting for a client to waltz in.

Other than that,
-Use good grammar and spelling
-make it interesting
-use proper case intro syntax. This syntax can be looked up on this site. If you need help finding it, just ask.

Ivy Spini
Ivy Spini

Apr-16-2012 05:56

Creative Writing sounds right for me - I'm in.

Ivy Spini
Ivy Spini

Apr-16-2012 05:57

Prince was pacing the halls in the magnificent Palace, his stride reminiscent of a tiger.
“And how will you explain that?” - he roared at a hapless officer who lay before him on the marble floor.
“Your Majesty, I… I can…”
“Enough! When Elizabeth March wore rattlesnake boots " I was furious, but I spared you lot! But now Kymkatt, or whatever her name is, is sporting those too! And we…” He gasped for air. “Do you want people to think of Tigers as a bunch of ragamuffins?” Captain didn’t dare to speak.
Prince suddenly calmed down, but it was only the calm before the storm.
“Listen carefully. Unless you find a reliable source of clothes and boots and everything, your fate will be highly unpleasant. Go.”
Next day a sleuth came into Tigers’ quarters. Commanding officer went to meet the detective with the usual solemn face, even though he’d not slept overnight. Yes, the situation was critical indeed. How could the impeccable Tigers let themselves look any worse than dreaded Tea Steepers?
“I want to assist the Tigers in keeping peace” " detective said, and officer had an idea.
“We need a Sparkly Vest from you.” That was ought to put those Tea Steepers in place.
“Yes, but…”
“Don’t ask questions. It’s crucial.”
The Prince was immensely satisfied and rewarded his trusty officer greatly. For a few weeks, the Tigers were beating the Steepers in every aspect. But then, in the caves of Shangri La…
“You say they are hiring detectives?”
“Yes, brother.”
“What a bunch of show-offs. We shall do the same. The tyrant must never best the Tea Steepers.”


Apr-17-2012 10:03

Im doing a detective bio on Pascaline.


Apr-17-2012 11:01

I can't believe how I became a detective. I used to work at Sami's Greek Restaurant. Then, one day, when I was going to work. A guy who works at the Real Estate Agency pulled me into an alley. He told me " The entire Big Apple needs someone who is smart". I asked him "Why"? And he told me that there has been a lot of murders and not enough detectives to solve them. So after quitting my job, I went to RGD (Really Good Detectives) and they hired me happily. And the next day I already had a case. Madonna Vrooman at age 31 was murdered. The suspects were: Iswara Hererra, Howard Anderson, Sharon Akers, Barron Dunning, Abeer Albertson, and Landry Kinsella. Sharon Akers was guilty all along. The RGD said that I could be in one of their agencies with how amazing I was at solving cases. Word got spread at how amazing I was at solving cases. And soon I was doing 4 cases a day.

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