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"i refuse to have dinner with the stupid"
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lost in a blizzard of lie
lost in a blizzard of lie

Mar-27-2012 17:59

...this was a scribble left on a napkin at the astoria hotel, new york city, in 1925...

...a dead man was found at the table...

...a great new york police detective lifted the glass at the dead man's body and smelt a very high degree of caffiene...

...a german waiter took the "maryland" to bremen the next day...

..the dead man was a member of the rothschild banking family ( the red shield }...


...the cousin of meyer lansky who became the "hitman" for the mafia...

...who is the dead man and why was he killed ?


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Apr-7-2012 08:07

"The developing of the film could take a day or so so we'll meet up tomorrow evening at Sami's," he said.

I always took orders from him. Sully had been on the force 10 years longer than me. How I made it up to Sgt like him was beyond me. Everyone said I made a great case man but really I just did my job. It didn't take me long to make it to homicide after I came home from the Great War, and soon I became his partner.

"Alright," I said. I'm going to go down to the restaurant where he was found and see if I can get some questions in from the waiter who found him."

Abreeana Jones
Abreeana Jones

Apr-7-2012 08:49

Once I arrived at the restaurant it was closed, but I saw someone inside cleaning. I started beating on the door to get the person's attention and they finally came to the door. It turned out to be the waiter. "Why would you be cleaning up this is still an active crime scene and you could be cleaning up evidence!"

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize that," he said. The way he said that made me realize that he was lying and knew he shouldn't be anywhere near this place. The more I see this guy the more I think he is either the killer or just a flucky following orders.

After I told him to leave, Sully showed up telling me that the photos came back early and he had gotten a hit on who the John Doe was. " Marc, our John Doe's name is Pete Thompson." After Sully told me that, I thought the vic's name sounded so familiar. Where did I know this name from? And then I realized........

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