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Writing Contest Announcement - Judge Signups
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Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

Mar-1-2012 15:00

Here ye, here ye!

There will be a writing contest starting May 1. This contest will be a big one with 3 different categories. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 submissions in each category for a total of 9 prizes. The 3 categories are:

--Character Biography: Unlike the last contest, entries will not be writing their own bios. This will be explained at a later date.

--Case Introduction: Entries will write a case introduction with the same parameters required in Sleuth Noir. It will be the intent that these intros will be submitted after the contest is over for Noir cases.

--Freestyle: The parameters of this section will be described later. The good news here is that bad spelling and poor grammar will not hurt any entry. This one is just for raw originality.

Right now, I am NOT looking for entries. I am looking for judges. I will be a judge, and 10 more are needed.

Important: If you elect to be a judge, you may not be a contestant.
The following judge specialists are needed:
--Expert spellers. 2 needed.
--Grammar experts. 2 needed.
--Case Intro syntax expert. 1 needed.
--Creativity judges. 5 needed.

Judges must be active members. Judges must be available between today and through May. The latter part of May will be the busiest.

For those that will want to be contestants, you will have an opportunity in April to sign up. A contestant may enter any 1, 2, or all 3 categories. Anyone can enter (except judges). BUT, only subscribers will be prize eligible. If you want to subscribe for the first time and get a discount, please see Lady Jas about getting a Sidekick coupon.

Hopefully, this event will incorporate a large amount of active sleuths. The more involved, the more fun it will be. Let's unite and make happy memories!


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Apr-22-2012 00:46

WOOOHOO congratulations to all of you, and thank you all for participating. I had hoped more would join in, as the intent, from what I saw posted, was there. But that is ok. :)

Now, on to our prizes.

Detective Bios:


M.LACRIMOSA-CONGRATULATIONS, you may chose from the following prizes:

A pair of shoes of your choice from Cairo. You can go to Blue Pagoda's website and check them men's shoes available and let me know which you'd like me to pick up for you. Once you are subscribed, we can work out delivery.

OR , a gift subscription as your prize, please see Night Queen.


CEKURAY-You have your choice of either a gift subscription, OR waiting until you subscribe yourself and chosing a VH item from the following list:

The Knight- Tough -1, Smarts +7, Charm 0 ACCESSORY
Majong Set- Tough + 3, Smarts +5, Charm -1 ACCESSORY
Portable Bar- Tough -2, Smarts -2, Charm +8 ACCESSORY
Gold Rolex- Tough -1, Smarts 0, Charm +7 ACCESSORY

If you'd like to chose a gift subscription, please contact Night Queen.


1ST and only Place:

IVY SPINI, you have won a VH item of your choice. You may pick from the following:

Adolpho Suit- Smarts +6 COAT
The Knight- Tough -1, Smarts +7, Charm 0 ACCESSORY
Majong Set- Tough + 3, Smarts +5, Charm -1 ACCESSORY
Velour Cloche- Tough -1, Smarts -1, Charm +6 HAT
Sailor Pantsuit- Tough -2, Smarts -1, Charm +7 COAT

Please PM me on which item you'd like and we can work out delivery details.

And now a very special award...


IGOTTHEPOWERINME. Congratulations, you have won a gift subscrption!

You all did a fantastic job, and again, congratulations to you all.

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