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Super Legendary Status II
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Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

Feb-27-2012 15:50

A huge, huge shout out to Lady Jas!

LJ has amassed a WHOPPING 59,999020 points. Let us all line the streets and cheer her on as she crosses the finish line. Being the very first to reach a cool 60 million is amazing! One paltry case left ought to do the trick.

This is just one of many accolades one could give to LJ. Here are a few more:

--Many sleuths have come and gone through the years. Not LJ, she is a mainstay--the Rock of Gibraltor--in Sleuth Noir. Always here day in, day out.
--Number one by a wide margin in utilizing Sidekick coupons. LJ steadfastly recruits.
--The director of Blue Pagoda, THE current Number 1 agency!
--Faithful Message Board Moderator. She is quick to delete our attempts to use four-letter words. (She probably has worn out her delete key moderating Nephi/Hannah.)
--Faithful servant to the Admins in policing correct usage of avatar pictures. If there is a thankless position, being a moderator in Sleuth has to be it. No pay, just hard work.
--Finally, she is my friend. You need a friend? LJ will be there. You can count on it.

LJ, I estimate that you will have solved about 20,000 cases to get to this milestone. Will you please share how many solved cases you have when you attain this achievement?

Now everyone. Let's cheer LJ on as she marches onward and upward! :)


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Mar-6-2012 20:38

LOL, Eden! ;)

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