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Suggestion - How’bout more gambling?

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-8-2012 06:25

Like others I have searched for a suggestions tab around here and my attempt has met the same success as theirs, so I’ve decided this’d be a place as good as any to spill out what’s eatin’ me today.

Each city seems to have its own distinctive feature as sort of a…side action: New York’s got the Cabaret, London’s got the Library, Delhi’s got the Post Office, Cairo and Sleuthetania have their catacombs and Shanghai has its race track.

Now, considering the list above I feel like London and Delhi lack at the “action” chapter in comparison to the others. I’m about to move my lovely behind in a 4 room joint and I’d really like to do it in London for the simple reason that I like the city better than the others (I like the feeling old London’s givin’ me when I think about it, to be more precise). I do fear however that I’m gonna get pretty bored in a city with a one book library.

So here’s what I propose: how’bout having some boxing matches to bet on in London? I know nothin’ about programming, but I have the feeling copy/paste ain’t how you do it. However I do believe the mechanics used for the race track in Shanghai could be implemented here without much trouble.

Well, I don’t actually have high expectations on this, but it never hurts to try. Maybe there’ll be another update this year. If necessary I do believe I could be able to help with the concept.

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