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Something went wrong....Horribly.
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Feb-5-2012 08:31

Okay, I'm PRETTY sure either I messed up, or the system did...
I just scored another False Accusation, and I was certain I had the killer. It doesn't make sense.

I had 10 suspects, I checked with the Fortune Teller to confirm. By that standard, I should have 3 suspects with real alibis, and I did. I got all 3 of them. My PE were 3 footprints; 2 Slim, 1 heavy, and one unidentified Hair. From the suspects with real alibis, 2 had a Slim Footprint, and one had a Heavy one. I checked one of the Slim Footprints with both the Slim-footed suspects, and it didn't match, so I had to assume my killer was slim, because if that PE doesn't match either of your slim suspects, it means one of them matches the unidentified Hair and the other matches the other slim footprint. The one Heavy suspect should definitely match the Heavy footprint, because there is nothing else that could belong to her. Mind you, I checked TWICE on my total number of suspects.

I know you're thinking:' Well, maybe you didn't get 3 suspects with real alibis. You probably made a mistake.' Here's the thing: I DOUBLE-CHECKED each suspect and I definitely, with absolute certainly, got 3 suspects with valid alibis.

Now, let's move on. I go through WE and finally get a pointed finger, so I accuse her, and what do I get?

A false accusation, AND the real killer was someone with a Heavy footprint.

Seriously, where did I go wrong? I'm really baffled by this.


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Mar-12-2012 00:11

Hi everyone. I'm taking another look at these kinds of potential issues.

I started a new thread in Game Announcements to consolidate this conversation:

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