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About PE elimination-how on earth is this possible?
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Jan-13-2012 02:16

Hi. I think I'll never be able to leave this board:

Could one of you please tell me how to prevent the following kind of false accusation from happening?

I had 5 suspects: Elizabeth, Josephine, Pierre, Charles and Samuel

PE #1: Left Handed Handwriting: Charles
PE #2: Right-handed Handwriting: Elizabeth, Josephine, Pierre, Samuel
PE #3: Slim person Footprint: Elizabeth
PE #4: Thread from a female: Elizabeth, Josephine

PE#1 : handwriting doesn't belong to Charles
PE#3: footprint doesn't belong to Elizabeth

PE#2: the right-handed handwriting belongs to neither Pierre, nor Samuel.

All in all: Suspects reduced to Elizabeth and Josephine.

Tailor asks for money and I start witness questioning.Those that answer the question say it's not Elizabeth and the rest either clammed up or said they didn't suspect Josephine either.

Because of those who clammed up from the start Elizabeth was still a suspect and I decided to eliminate Elizabeth, so that Josephine is left.

I bribed the tailor and the banker and they both told me that the PE at hand didn't belong to Elizabeth. So, I figured, the killer was Josephine.

Cause she was the only person left.

But it turned out it was Samuel.

This sometimes happens me, yesterday I made 3 false accusations. 2 of which seemed to be similar cases, I was frustrated but I thought it was possible that I made mistakes while noting down the info cause it's not likely that a computer programme will yield faulty results.

But I am dead sure about this one. I cannot grasp this. Could someone please explain what it is that I keep missing?

I fear getting retired again.



Jan-13-2012 04:33

Yes. I see what you mean.

Because it is very likely that I have made a mistake while writing things down I checked this one twice.

I realized I was not the only one telling the same thing, I brought this up to see whether experienced players have any idea. And you have an idea =)

If you say you never have come across such a problem in about 3500 cases, then I believe it was my mistake and not a glitch. What you say is kind of scientifically solid.

Furthermore, I see that the other user probably made a mistake, too.

I should thank you for about a thousand times Cordelia Falco =)

Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Jan-14-2012 00:06

'Scientifically solid' is probably taking it a bit far! There might theoretically have been cases in those 3500 where a suspect didn't have any PE, and I didn't know because I was relying on WE. Or there might have been a change in the game programming recently which caused a glitch that wasn't there before. All I can say is that I've never had that problem.

And you're very welcome :)

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