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Intermediate Interrogation or Lockpicking....
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Vincent Michaels
Vincent Michaels

Jan-5-2012 13:21

Which skill should I go for next?

I am a Very Smart detective and have aquired all of the smarts skills and am now picking up the tough skills. I have interrogation and intimidation, so which skill should I go for next? Intermediate Interrogation or Lockpicking, or even Advanced intimidation?

Thanks for your input.



Jan-5-2012 20:20

Hi, I am a newbie but I think details should be emphasized here and it might be useful to remind you this:

Lockpicking lets you break in the houses of any two suspects. One of those suspects is sometimes the client. When you enter the client's house it is possible that you'll find suspects' name -info you already have- instead of alibi, and it is the latter you'd want to have in this case.

And at best you can try lockpicking with only two suspects.

But with intermediate and then advanced interrogation you have all suspects answer more questions. (I think with each level the number of questions answered by the suspect increases by one, so those used to clam at the first question are likley to answer two questions - in general but not always)

That's why lockpicking can wait, imho. I think what you should do also depends on the level of cases being solved.

In any case, I think intermediate interrogation, advanced intimidation-advanced interrogation and lockpicking would be the best order in which to acquire these skills.

It gets on your nerves when townies clam up so you also need advanced intimidation so that you can elicit answers from the townies just as good as you do from the suspects. If they don't go in parallel, the answers you get from suspects don't work since the townies stop confirming alibis.

The townies' answers are very important because with the elimination of even only one suspect (by checking each PE match), witness questioning is rendered more efficient and you can really reduce the number of suspects to one -since you have research, too- So I think you better acquire that skill this time or the next.

Until I had advanced sweet talking I could easily solve inc. hard cases but I sometimes messed up the stu. hard ones. That was because witnesses wouldn't talk. So lockpicking is an advantage but one that is not as valuable as advanced sweet talking/interrogation.

I wonder what the experienced users should say about this

Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Jan-6-2012 03:47

I'm with Ima - all three are useful at this stage. There are skills which can wait - Pickpocketing comes to mind! - but in the early stages of building up your detective you just need to plod away accumulating those skill points to get all the key skills under your belt. I'd be inclined to go for completing your intimidation and interrogation skills before getting lockpicking, but definitely add all three to your list as soon as you can.

Vincent Michaels
Vincent Michaels

Jan-6-2012 09:06

Thank you all for your input. I know that these are the next three on the list that I needed, but I just wanted to know what order and my suspicions were confirmed, that I should probably go for intermediate interrogation and then advanced intimidation, before lockpicking.

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