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Faction Skills vs Skills of the other detective types ito timing
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Jan-5-2012 12:31


When you've gotten to a point in the game where you have all the skills that pertain to your type of detective, i.e smart and charming in my case, which of the below do you think would be the best approach:

a) getting a faction skill that would make a good combination with the set of skills you have (so hypnotism would work for me)

b) getting an important skill such as lockpicking(insert what you think is best here) and then going for the proper faction skill (after two fac skills for smarts and charm I could then start using the skill points for tough skills maybe?)

c) focusing on getting the other set of skills that belong to the other types of detectives. (for instance, tough skills for a smart and charming detective who's done with all the charming and smart skills)

I was thinking that b would be the best answer to this question. What do you suggest we do at this stage?



Jan-6-2012 09:32

Thank you Cordelia Falco.

After I acquire lockpicking, I'm going to focus on picking up faction skills then.

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