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Contacts after reactivating a retired detective
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Jan-1-2012 16:33

Sorry for populating the board but I am really baffled by the game.

My previous contact was the Priest.

Then I falsely accused a suspect the third time, and I got retired.

My contact, along with some XP and skill pts and some money was lost.

Losing the contact was the only good side to retirement. I reactivated my detective and started keeping a note of which favors I did. My purpose was to have contact with a male townie that's also a PE provider. I did two banker, 2 bartender, 1 shoemaker(my target contact), 1 waitress.

Then I had this priest's favor and after solving the case he became my goddamn contact =)

I thought the contacts and the favor record along with the contacts were totally deleted!

Where did I go wrong? If this is a wrong assumption, then it would be stated in the Newbie FAQ, or help guide/contacts whatever.

I think I am gonna make another false accusation to lose my contact so that I get the shoemaker -or at least other PE contacts. (an experienced user said it was all a matter of chance but many other experienced users say they keep quitting favors in order to get the contacts that they want first.)

So can we state this as a game rule as follows:

- when reactivated, a retired detective will receive their previous contact as soon they do a favor for them?



Jan-6-2012 14:43


If this is all random I got the Priest the third time!

the odds was (1/10)^3= 1/1000


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