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Contacts after reactivating a retired detective
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Jan-1-2012 16:33

Sorry for populating the board but I am really baffled by the game.

My previous contact was the Priest.

Then I falsely accused a suspect the third time, and I got retired.

My contact, along with some XP and skill pts and some money was lost.

Losing the contact was the only good side to retirement. I reactivated my detective and started keeping a note of which favors I did. My purpose was to have contact with a male townie that's also a PE provider. I did two banker, 2 bartender, 1 shoemaker(my target contact), 1 waitress.

Then I had this priest's favor and after solving the case he became my goddamn contact =)

I thought the contacts and the favor record along with the contacts were totally deleted!

Where did I go wrong? If this is a wrong assumption, then it would be stated in the Newbie FAQ, or help guide/contacts whatever.

I think I am gonna make another false accusation to lose my contact so that I get the shoemaker -or at least other PE contacts. (an experienced user said it was all a matter of chance but many other experienced users say they keep quitting favors in order to get the contacts that they want first.)

So can we state this as a game rule as follows:

- when reactivated, a retired detective will receive their previous contact as soon they do a favor for them?



Jan-2-2012 12:04

Thanks everyone. I already read most of this from posts and some info came in via PM. Thanks R.H. again.

The reason I'm telling you this is I kind of feel guilty for keeping the place busy but I found it hard to believe that chance factor is involved in the game at this level.

If Game Developer/Designer/Coder/W'ever has a habit of evaluating user suggestions, please read on:

Because having a PE contact early on in the game is a huge advantage, (that's why I decided to make a f.a, you never know when you'll get it but the first contact seems to be the one easiest to get so that one better be PE) nd because some can get both below 10 000 xp while some have to wait much longer it seems a bit unfair, right =) (Synesence: I'm just jealous:) thanks for the info)

In that regard, if game coders are reading this I have a SuggestioN:

They can make sure each player gets their contacts under more or less the same circumstances. (just like you have to have acquired 30 pts to get a faction skill, you can do n number of x level favor case for instance or you can have a certain level of xp maybe? - If that is already the case, then we just don't know about it) So there. That's all.


Jan-6-2012 14:43


If this is all random I got the Priest the third time!

the odds was (1/10)^3= 1/1000


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