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AVH Repeat Clues
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Summer Daze
Summer Daze
Freedom Fighter

Dec-7-2011 03:29

From time to time I hear people complain/despair/laugh manically about repeat clues. Although I have encountered the same problem occasionally, my current hunt is awash with them. However, my question is whether the same type of 'NOT the' clue can occur twice in one city?

Example for Delhi:
is a MAN x3
NORTH of the BANK x7
EAST of the BANK x 4
NOT the HOLY MAN x 4

This narrows things down to either the Bartender or Missionary. As there isn't any other landmark (e.g. north of detective shop etc.) that would exclude one or the other, can I expect to receive another clue of the NOT the (whoever) type? I'd appreciate some feedback as otherwise I'll feel stuck in an eternal loop :)


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jun-14-2012 10:39

When the AVH came out, there was an oversight in Delhi.

Blue spent about 2 weeks in Delhi with repeat clues. After a few PMs to Ben, because two weeks is a really time to have repeat clues, it was discovered the hunt couldn't be solved!

There weren't enough clues or a clue had been missed out...

So yeh... repeat clues suck... but two weeks of repeat clues only to find out that it's going nowhere...

Lucky Stiff

Jun-14-2012 16:25

I just had two straight days in that godforsaken city. Repeats and quits all over the place

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