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Question About Clams
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Oct-23-2011 09:45

I'd just like to know, what determines the outcome of whether a suspect is going to be cooperative with you or shut the door on your face?

As in, is it the difference in percentage between Sweet Talking and Toughness or whichever method has the highest percentage that determines unclamming a suspect? Cause I've had times where I've used Sweet Talking on suspects who favor it only to have them clam on me instead. Is there some mechanic here I'm not familiar with?


Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Oct-31-2011 00:30

Honestly? No. No real theories. It's just down to the numbers.

Suspects don't 'favour' sweet talking over intimidation, not really. They just have a likelihood of responding to each, represented by the numbers you see if you use JoC, and one number will be higher than the other. You're still talking probabilities. The two probabilities do not affect each other.

My take on the numbers themselves is that if it's over 100 you're guaranteed they'll answer at least one question, but then the probability is reduced for the next one. If the initial number is less than 100 then there's a chance they might clam straight away.

If anyone has any evidence of a suspect with 100 or more not answering even one question, that would be useful to know!

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