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Sidekick Coupons - Worthless?
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Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

Oct-19-2011 08:21

We all know how Sidekicks are supposed to work. The recipient gets a discount, and the sender gets credited on his/her detective page.

I sent a Sidekick that was redeemed 2 weeks ago on Oct. 5. AND I STILL HAVE NOT BEEN CREDITED !

I know that the recipient used it since that recruit told me so and even provided me with the code used.

I have repeatedly pm'd SS and the rest of the admins, but THERE HAS BEEN NO ACTION.

So I am appealing to all of you to help me get this shortcoming on the part of Sleuth Noir resolved. Please add your opinions on this matter.


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Dec-6-2011 10:47

Hi Summer,

Maybe you refreshed the page and started a new transaction after entering the coupon code? All I know is, the coupon code was never used on a finalized transaction. This wouldn't be Paypal's fault because the price of the transaction is set by Noir's server, not theirs. So, by the time you were redirected to their server you were already set to be charged the full price.

When you enter the code, it should give you a confirmation message or an error (for instance, if for some reason you aren't eligible to use that particular code). So, if there was an error and you were able to note it, there would be something more for me to go on.

Thank you very much (again) for subscribing.

By the way, I have gone ahead and credited Night Queen with one more sidekick for bringing Summer Daze on board (w00t). But not Vodkapop, because that would be double counting sidekicks.

Thanks again for everybody's patience.

Summer Daze
Summer Daze
Freedom Fighter

Dec-7-2011 00:46

Hi Ben

Umm no - there were no problems with the transaction at all. Everything seemed to go smoothly with no hold-ups, error messages or any problem of any kind. It was my first subscription to Noir - although a while back I had a subscription to Shades. It is indeed a mystery! I hear what you say about PayPal though so we we will let them off the hook.

Thank you for giving NQ her sk credit - that was the important thing really. I feel that the subscription charges here are great value for money so it's not a problem that I didn't receive any discount.

...and thanks for looking into all this :)

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