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Twists In Cases

Tireless Tiger

Sep-4-2011 13:42

This is about the twists you get when going through a random case.The thing is,some of these twists have no effect at all,and that makes them pointless.I'm not talking about the Faction Standings twist,I mean the ones where a dame offers you money to quit the case.

I've quit cases where I had the money offer,and I've not seen any money!Is this actually suppose to come into effect,or just there?

(By the way,I think when Shady appears and warns you to quit the case,what you do determines whether his rates go up or down.)

Back to topic...Can I get some money if I get the money twist?



Sep-4-2011 14:15

No, at this time there is no money involved in quitting the bribe twist.

Who knows what the future may bring?


Sep-4-2011 14:33

I've come across this situation as well.

Maybe we can get half,or even a quarter of the money the client offered should that situation come up?

But I'm patient,whatever Ben brings into the game should be nothing less than great. :)

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