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Favor Cases
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Fire Princess
Fire Princess

Sep-2-2011 10:26

I always thought that favor cases were NOT supposed to involve standings with political factions. Two days in a row, I have had favors where the politics were affected. The following is copied from my favor case:

Victim: Edwin Smit, age 36
Difficulty: Incredibly hard
Favor For: Shoe Maker
Politics: Order of Socrates (Positive)
La Cosa Nostra (Negative)

Please explain.


Trusted Informer

Nov-13-2012 21:56

Reading this thread now, almost at the end of 2012, and hoping that it's been fixed. So many people have reported this & it's most definitely a bug. I would hate to have to quit a favour case that I can solve simply because I want to get in the good books of a faction.

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