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What's up with Sleuth Admin Anyway?
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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Jul-5-2011 13:19

Hi all,

I'm very sorry I've gone dark for so long on the boards and Sleuth Mail for so long. I recognize that it can be frustrating if you have a question or problem that needs addressing.

While I'd love Sleuth/Hypoware to be my primary job, and I have some hope of scaling it up again in the future, currently I do have a very demanding full time gig along with a growing family. Luckily, hypoware does generate enough income to pay it's own bills. We've been up and running since 2004 and I fully intend to maintain and expand Sleuth as long as there are people willing to play it.

It's worth mentioning that there is always some level of unglamorous work that goes on behind the scenes: system administration, paying bills and taxes (a legacy of previous growth plans is we are fully incorporated), etc. Also, I have continued working on some new features that are in the hopper for both Noir and Shades of Mystery. I hope to be able to make some upcoming announcements soon in both games.

All that said, the past few months has been one of those periods where I've had to push Sleuth further back on the burners. I'm the lead developer at a company called Mindbloom and we are in the middle of an exhausting development cycle that will culminate in September. More happily, Sunny and I are expecting our second baby in November and we're working hard to get our home prepared for his arrival.

So, there will be something new in both game sometime later this summer, but I'm likely not going to be a daily fixture in the community anytime soon. Work pressure will subside some in October, at least until the baby shows up.

One last thing, please be nice to Secret Squirrel, Anikka and the other Mods. They do their best with the sparse access they have to me and all of them love this community.

Sleuth On


Solve A Lot2
Solve A Lot2
Assistant Librarian

Jan-7-2022 05:34

Oh nostalgia.

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