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Pinball Amateur

Jun-3-2011 11:34

Is there anyone in the Northern California area interested in holding a mini "SleuthCon"? Specifically the San Francisco Bay Area, around the end of July or beginning of August?

I've been wanting to have a second get-together focused on Sleuth for some time now. (The first one was in the Orlando, Florida area, a couple of years ago.) There have been a couple of efforts to put together other SleuthCons, but for various reasons, they haven't happened. I was hoping to have a very informal, very small reunion. I'm willing to "host" it, if people are interested.

Any takers?? ;-)

You can post here, or PM me, Breitkat.

Thank you!! Hope to hear from you!! ;-D



M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Oct-5-2011 08:07

With some donations I could probably find a decent place here in GA near Atlanta

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