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Lets Celebrate!!
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Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Feb-26-2011 00:19

Lets all join in wishing Night Queen a very happy 100th birthday. You don't look a day over 2o dear!!!

Hope VC throws a Vampiric sort of party, while I will indulge you on the light side with cake :)


Tireless Tiger

Feb-26-2011 02:02

Congratulations our Queen of the Night!

You are a wonderful detective, positive, encouraging and supportive, and have a great taste for catching those criminals :-D

Sure we will throw a party!
And, do it the way we do it in the crypt, by offering unlimited amount of alcohol free bloody mary's to everyone. (We have a rich blood supply due to the hard work of people like Night Queen.)

(VS insist that it's bloody mary, and I insist they are alcohol free :-P)

Harry Jones
Harry Jones
Assistant Librarian

Feb-26-2011 21:52

He opened the door slightly. He wasn't sure what would be on the other side. When it had opened enough he poked his head inside.
He saw no one. However, a table seemed well appointed at the far end of the room. As though it were awaiting party guests. Looking into the room a little more, he decided it was safe. He opened the door and went in.
He proceeded slowly toward the table, which was host to a fine feast and display a number of wine bottles. "Where can everyone be?" he thought to himself.
As he neared the table, he felt himself being overwhelmed from behind. He felt a searing, penetrating feeling in his neck. But it didn't hurt. In fact, it was intoxicating. He was powerless to resist... he didn't want to resist. He wanted it to go on, and on.
As he lay in a clump on the floor, delighted by what had just happened to him, excited beyond belief...all he could think was... HAPPY 100!!!

Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

Feb-27-2011 02:51

Congrats to my lovely charming night hawk!
She really is a brilliant officer

Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

Feb-27-2011 08:11

Thank you all!!!

Let this be MORE than just about my Sleuth Noir age. This is about Sleuth Noir community spirit.

While I greatly appreciate the accolades from Vampiric Smile and Zweibel, who are two awesome directors of Vampiric Crypt, I also appreciate this thread being started by Lady Jas. Blue Pagoda is--in my humble opinion--our toughest agency rival.

This goes to show that friendship and goodwill can extend beyond agency walls. Now that is worth celebrating!

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