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Storyville Streets
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Cyril Banks
Cyril Banks

Feb-17-2011 13:11

New York at night can be overwhelming to your senses if your not used to it. Thats how I felt tonight, as I did on occasion. I was taking a stroll down the street when I began to hear a pleasant sound. At first I couldn't identify the sound or even it's location but it shortly became clear to me.

I had unknowingly stumbled into the newest city development, Storyville. In an attempt to mimic the famed New Orleans district, some politician or other had suggested a city revitalization project and so this neo-Storyville was born. In the NY Storyville, the jazz and liquor flowed all night long. The political powers that be had intended for this to be a center for the arts which it was, but it was also a haven of sin. Booze and women of the night were not unfamiliar to those who frequented the Storyville streets this late in the evening. Gangs also constantly loomed, waiting for drunken marks to pick a pocket or land a black jack.

While I had not intention of imbibing since I never consumed alcohol, I did want to find the jazz club that was producing that soulful sound. I began walking in the direction that I was fairly certain the sound was coming from when a woman emerged from an ally.

"Hey honey, you need some company? I'll make sure you have a good time tonight." She was almost yelling in a drunken or otherwise altered state.

"Gratitude for the offer but I got a fight coming up and women weaken legs y'know." I replied.

"Oh, a boxer are you? You must be some big tough guy, huh? Come over here and show me how tough you are."

"I'm not half so tough as you I'll bet, but I gotta run before that jazz band quits pla-" She cut me off mid-sentence.

"Get this fool, boys." Without a sound, four mean looking gentlemen emerged from the darkness of the alley. They were toting brass knuckles and stiletto knives. The closest guy had a huge grin which I found unsettling. Suddenly mister smiles up front pounced.


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Mar-23-2011 19:42

When my dear friend Edward Carlyle contacted for help with an interrogation, I was a bit skeptical about doing it. He and a man named Cyril Banks needed information about The Fangs of Cerberus. I myself had never heard of them but I had done some research on them when he told me about them. But when they brought me an unconscious man by the name of Paul Consolini, I knew I could make him do what they couldn't and make him talk.

I sat in front of him in darkness while a single small light bulb dangled in front of him. He was tied to a chair His right hand had a small hole in it from being hit with small caliber bullet. He started to come to and wake up.

"Ugh.....where.....where am I?" He asked out loud as he woke up.

"You're in a place where no one can hear you scream." I said to him.

"Who are you?"

"My name is not important. But what is important is your information about the Fangs of Cerberus."

Silence filled the room for enough time for me to light my cigar.

"What do you know?" I asked as I blew the smoke into his face. He coughed from inhaling the smoke.

"I don't know anything!" He said.

"Don't lie to me, Mr. Consolini," I said, "it will only make matters worse."

"Who are you, you son of a-"

He was interrupted by me pistol whipping him across the face. "See what I mean? If you don't talk each method will only get worse!" I moved my cigar closer to his cheek. With out a hesitation I burned his face with the cigar and he screamed in agony.

"Now tell me what you know!" I yelled in his face.

"Fine!" He screamed, "I'll tell you all I know. Just please let me live."

"Maybe," I said. "Just maybe..."

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Mar-23-2011 19:49

"The Fangs are a small off group of Cosa Nostra. Mostly found out west near the city of Los Vegas in Nevada. Bugsy Seigal did some work with them and Luciano never knew about it and its a good thing that Seigal got whacked before Luciano found out about it." Consolini explained. He continued, "I'm not quite sure who they are but I know they're very shady about who they do business with. Most of them work in law offices as lawyers and judges. Its pretty smooth for them to do that, if you ask me-"

"No one is asking you!" I said to him.

He got quiet again and i took a long drag off of my cigar. So that was it. They were in Vegas. I'd always heard of the city but I had never been there. I wouldn't be surprised if there was an Italian community that ran the city either.

I left him in the ware house that I had placed him in, just two miles out side of the city. He would be found sooner or later. I had to tell Ed and Cryril what I found out.

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