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Before I go on a villain hunt...
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Jan-17-2011 15:46

What tips can the more experienced players offer? I've looked through the threads and these are what I have seen:

* Set aside lots of money.
* Obtain contacts for each city.
* Get good equipment which you can travel around in.

Did I miss out any? Like, do I have to make space in my inventory for the rewards? Or can I "teleport" it into my agency?

By the way, is Cairo included in the Arch Villain Hunts? I haven't unlocked Cairo yet. Do I have the option of turning off the option of having Cairo in the AVH?

Thank you so much!


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Jan-29-2011 11:38

Belated Congrats Dellilah! The first one is the hardest. Now all the others will be very easy :-)

Pinball Amateur

Feb-9-2011 06:20

Aww, and you were worried. Silly Dellilah. ;-D ;-D ;-D


Now go do it again. (Insert evil ol'-timer's grin here! ;-)

(And if you figure out the trick to Cairo's foibles, lemme know, will ya?? That place has got me stumped all of a sudden. ;-)

Again, Great Job!! ;-)


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