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Not so happy returns
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Elizabeth March
Elizabeth March
Sleuth About Town

Dec-1-2010 22:27

(Note: I'd prefer only friends to start it up, but whoever can come up with a good reason to join, feel free. Also: 3rd person, and I'd like whoever needs my char to act/speak a certain way, check in private with me first, and I'll do the same, so we won't ruin each other's storylines)

Back at NY, at last. Well, the city never sleeps, but she does. Actually, it was asleep that she reached the city.

"Where did you come from?" "No idea."

"How did you get here?" "Can't remember."

"Who brought you to the hospital?" "Beats me."

"What's your name?"

She had to think to answer this question. She had one, of course. Everyone has a name. She scratched the back of her neck.

"Oh. Elizabeth."

"Elizabeth what?" "Don't know."

A man in black checked her purse.

"Elizabeth March, twenty-seven, Brittish. That's what her papers say."

"Good, at least we have a name. Now we need another name."

"How come?"

"Someone she knows. Or, considering how little she seems to remember, someone who knows here. We can't keep her here forever. And someone has to pay for her expenses."

The man continued to go through her things. In her normal state, she'd be spitting curses against him. At the moment, her green eyes only stared vaguely at the white wall.

The man fished out a piece of paper with a name and number. As he left the room, the young woman passed out again.

He didn't care. Getting in his office, he called the number and hoped the name there was enough of a friend to take that big problem out of his hands.


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Dec-23-2010 20:35

Marc looked at Elizabeth who lay in the bed. Battered and bruised, she looked somewhat helpless and a small pit formed in the bottom of Marc's stomach. "Elizabeth, this is my partner, Sal. Sal, this is Elizabeth March, an old friend of mine," Marc said introducing the two of them.

"Elizabeth, what you DON'T know is that you are better off staying the night here." Marc said. She started to protest but he held up a finger. "Look, I know you don't like that idea very well, but I'm gonna find out who did this. But right now I have to pick up someone and I can't cancel that plan. My friend Sal here, is going to stay the night with you and make sure nothing happens."

"What if something does happen?" Elizabeth asked.

"Sal will no what to do."

"You can count on me, boss," Sal said with a smile.

Marc the room with the two of them alone. The drive to Hannah's house was quiet. But when he picked her up, she lightened the mood, at least for the rest of the night. She asked how his friend was at the hospital, and all Marc could reply to that was, "They'll be okay, but I have to find out who did this."

"Be careful," she said to him, and kissed him on the lips when he took her home. In stead of going back to his house, Marc went strait back to the hospital. Walking in the front doors, he pulled out his pocket watch. 10:03 p.m.

He stood outside her room and listened for only a moment of the two conversing in what sounded to be a very friendly conversation. Marc walked into the room.

He walked over to Elizabeth who looked back up at him. "Are you sure I should stay here tonight?"

"Yes. I'm here and so is Sal. Let me see that bruise again." Marc said.

Again, she turned her head and showed him the bruise. It was a beautiful black, blue and purple colored mix. A nasty sight to see on such a beautiful woman, Marc thought to himself. He ran his finger on the side of the bruise and felt a knot that had formed. She had been hit with some kind of blunt weapon.

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Dec-23-2010 20:37

She was also lucky enough to have survived the attack. The room was quiet by now and all that could be heard was the three people's breathing. Marc paced back and forth thinking.

"We need to start at square one," Marc said. "Can you remember anything prior to waking up here in the hospital?"

Elizabeth March
Elizabeth March
Sleuth About Town

Jan-10-2011 22:23

(First of all, so sorry about not posting for so long. I was out for the holidays, then some other stuff happened. Hopefully, I won't be that long again.)

Elizabeth March
Elizabeth March
Sleuth About Town

Jan-10-2011 22:39

Elizabeth hated the idea of being there, in the hospital. Hospitals were... Well, hospitals. They were cold, and people asked too many questions. And she wasn't too keen on the idea of being touched by strangers, either.

The doctors in there were about to learn it, as she shoved their hands away any time they got anywhere near places she didn't want them to touch - including the painful bruise on her head.

As she talked to Sal, she considered that maybe - just maybe - she should have let someone take a look at it. Her had hurt so bad she was starting to fell a little bit sick to her stomach.

However, she continued to talk. Sal seemed like a nice person, and she needed to keep her mind working. Perhaps this way she could bring some light to the facts that had shoved her in the hospital and back in her friend Marc's life.

As he walked into the room, she sighed in relief. Something in that place was making her uneasy.

She allowed the man to touch the bruise, feeling the pain increase a few degrees and holding down a wave of nausea. Her eyes closed for a few seconds, until she felt better, and then she opened them black.

His question was the one she was trying to answer while he was out. She shook her head and regretted the gesture right away. Her hand pressed her lips for a while, and then she took a deep breath.

"No. I was at a restaurant with... a person. We were talking about some personal matters."

She paused and frowned.

"... things seemed fine. As he went inside to wash up for lunch, I... I'm not sure how long after it, couple minutes, I guess. I mean, since he only went to wash his hands, how long can it have been?"

Another pause, a deep breath, and she rubbed her eyes, looking tired.

"... I felt something really painful on my head, and then... well, this. The hospital. I can't provide a description. And I'm gonna stop talking right now, I feel sick."

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