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hard case


Nov-22-2010 18:03
this site was recommended in a thread i was reading, it says hard cases have 3 PE's and 3 suspects (3 people with false or no alibis)
that in mind i was able to find those 3 fake alibis and had 3 other alibis that i didnt know of yet but assumed they must be real. I was able to eliminate 1 of those 3 by not being able to match any of the 3 physical evidences to him, and had to bribe to eliminate the second
left with the 3rd suspect i accused and it was wrong, the real killer was one of the those that i assumed was a real alibi because the site says so ... did anything change regarding hard cases or what?


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Nov-22-2010 18:45

The site didn't say so it just told you how many suspects with fake/no alibis not how many total suspects in a case.

Three rules when you want to successfully accuse a suspect:

1.) PE (Physical Evidence) + false/stated no alibi = GUILTY!
2.) WE (Witness Evidence) + false/stated no alibi = GUILTY!
3.) 2 WE = GUILTY!

A clam( no alibi given) is NOT the same as a no! Keep in mind that even if your suspect has clammed up on you, if you have two WE on them you CAN accuse them :)

If you cant get any of these 3 above then its always better to quit the case then risk getting a False Accusation.


Nov-22-2010 18:50

It does!
it says hard case: 8 people, 3 Pe, 3 suspects, isnt that right?
i got all 8 suspects, and all 3 fake alibis, and eliminated the other suspects because i found the 3 fakes, so the others must be real, right?


Nov-22-2010 18:52

What im saying is .. can a hard case have 4 people with fake/no alibis?
can i get a link to somewhere it shows me every difficulty case how many fake/no alibis and how many physical evidences?


Nov-23-2010 02:05

Actually, the hard cases are the odd type of cases. It's the only case where the number of people without real alibi may vary (compared to the difficulty)

Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Nov-23-2010 06:41

You can get your info here.

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