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Grand Ceremony ! Vampiric Crypt is accepting new members
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Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

Nov-11-2010 09:12

We are looking for fresh minds in the Crypt:

Our morals and ethics in the Crypt are the following:

We are a totally free spirit Agency where everybody is doing what he/she wishes to do. There are no rules or restrictions in the crypt. Everybody enjoys the game according to his/her personal way or needs.
Any topic can be discussed on the msg board of the Crypt free of ANY restriction so everybody is free to open any thread no matter if it is game, culture, ethics, fiction…etc related. The Crypt is a free board Agency.

Equipment Locker
You may take any item you need from the locker unless it is VH equipment. In that case you need appropriate authorization. You do not need to pay them …you just take them!

Case File
You may put cases you cannot solve in the files indicating your needs fe Silk merchant needed or Foot etc and the detective with the appropriate contact will solve it for you and give it back

No money deposits or rent participation are required from any detective.

Blood Bank
Regular blood donations are required from all detectives in the crypt. There is a "Crypt" way of doing business. You find the criminal… then you dry the criminal…then you cuff the criminal and then you give him/her to the Police.

Treasure Hunts
The crypt is participating to THs as we like lots of tropics in our trophy room. Everybody is welcomed to participate but no one is obliged to.

Password sharing
We are against password sharing so nobody will ever ask you in any direct or indirect way for it. In crypt your privacy is totally respected.

If you wish to beone of the best...then msg me!!!


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Nov-26-2012 08:19

One place left. It's waiting for you :-)

Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

Nov-26-2012 09:27

Places now closed....Good luck in your sleuthing carrier everyone

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