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Clint Forthwright
Clint Forthwright
Old Shoe

Sep-6-2010 21:18

I just started writing a scripted mystery. I hurried through some of the aspects of it like suspects, questions, evidence, and their effects to make it playable to myself faster. This way, I can go through it as I compose more and more of it and be able to see how it's coming along.

It did become playable. All the essentials were filled and I could play it start to finish without a very rich narrative experience. I worked on the story a little bit more, then went to play it again for another overview.

But instead I get this:

Unavaliable Mystery
That mystery is currently not available for play.

I shut down my computer, cooked and ate dinner, logged back on to see if the glitch cleared and it didn't.

Why is it still antagonizing me?



Sep-7-2010 07:41

Clint, have you shared your SM with anyone? If so, are they having the same issue? Are you still having the problem, or is it working now?

Please let me know and we'll see about getting it figured out and fixed!

Clint Forthwright
Clint Forthwright
Old Shoe

Sep-7-2010 17:00

I haven't shared it. I tried it again just now and it still won't work.

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