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The Underground Looking for New Members
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Dawn Dragon
Dawn Dragon
Con Artist

Sep-6-2010 16:37

Hello everyone, I have recently taken over as director for the Underground since the old director had to leave for personal reasons, and am now seeking any active detectives who want to be a part of this old, prestigious agency.

I do not ask for passwords, I do not force participation in Treasure Hunts, and I do not make anyone pay rent. I will, however, teach you anything you want to learn how to do. I'm looking to create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere as I have in my other agency, where I play as Riza Hawkeye.

Anyone is welcomed to join, even if you are someone who doesn't play every day. New players, returning player, even former members of the Underground. :)

You may just wish to give your detective a home. I'm looking forward to trying to restore this agency to it's former glory. I'll help you with any and all questions you have, and hopefully help you get the most out of your Sleuth experience.

Best Regards,


Old Shoe

Nov-25-2010 12:43


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