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Problem with Equipment Locker

Old Shoe

Aug-22-2010 21:41

(attn. Ben)

Has anyone clicked on something to retrieve it from the Equipment Locker and just had it disappear? I am CERTAIN that there was a Bloodhound in our Agent locker, I clicked on it and there was a real fast refresh and it was gone. I did page back to try to go back but it's gone.

Wondering if this has happened to anyone else, also want to alert Ben. It cost me 45,000 (I just felt better paying for it).

I would appreciate someone letting me know if they know what the problem is?


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Aug-22-2010 22:54

It's known around here as the Locker Ghost.

Basically what happens is when someone goes to retrieve something from the locker, they dont let the page fully load after you've clicked the item to take it. This causes a glitch and causes items to disappear.

The only advice I can offer is to try and take your time in the locker room and let the pages fully load and wait for those red words at the top to say you've swapped or taken or put in gear. I know it can be a pain to have to wait, but it's your best bet in terms of not having gear go poof!

My apologies in advance if you do take your time in the locker room, just stating what has been the problem in a lot of others cases. :)

Old Shoe

Aug-23-2010 07:56

LOL, Locker Ghost- love it! Just glad I'm not going crazy! Looked through that list 100 times cuz I was just SURE it had to be there and I just wasn't seeing it, "Surely it didn't just disappear!"

I'll just take more time in the Locker! Thanks

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