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Suspects Who Clam Up

Det. Peach
Det. Peach

Jul-18-2010 21:14

Part of my problem may be that I have played SoM too much and haven't been able to wrap my brain around the differences between SoM and Noir.

I am totally confused about how the sweet talking, interrogate, intimidate work. If you guess wrong (between interrogate and sweet talk for eg) they clam up and that's it, they won't answer anymore questions at all, no matter what you do? It doesn't give you so many sweet talkings per case? And you can only sweet talk once per suspect so if you have 4 suspects with guilty alibi then there is no way you can ask one suspect about them all?

Does anyone have a good posting that covers everything? I looked but I didn't really find what I was looking forâ€"maybe I need to read more posts, feel free to tell me so but if anyone knows of anything that's general and covers everything could you let me know?



shell marple
shell marple
Con Artist

Jul-19-2010 07:07

The welcome newbies post at the top, is full of helpful information. Also if you keep looking back far enough I'm sure you'll find your answers.

Basically with the skills it is not a matter of guessing which one will work, it is more a matter of choosing either charm or tough and building that skill up, along with the smarts skills. Also your outfit impacts how well those skills actually work.

The biggest difference between Noir and Shades is that in Noir you need to use a more deductive reasoning approach in solving the cases.

Old Shoe

Jul-19-2010 12:28

Thanks so much for all your help Marple! Your messaging and a site given to me by an Agency mate in Shades set me on the right path and cleared up almost everything! I'm playing much better and more consistently now!

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