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False Trivia?


Mar-26-2004 07:53

The question is about what sherlock holmes first mystery is..... here's my research

Sherlock Holmes appeared in a total of 60 stories, written by Arthur Conan Doyle and published between 1887 and 1927. The four novels and five volumes of short stories now often appear as The Complete Sherlock Holmes.

* A Study in Scarlet (novel, 1887)
* The Sign of the Four (novel, 1890)
* The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
o A Scandal in Bohemia, 1891
o The Red-headed League, 1891
o A Case of Identity, 1891
o The Boscombe Valley Mystery, 1891
o The Five Orange Pips, 1891
o The Man with the Twisted Lip, 1891
o The Blue Carbuncle, 1892
o The Speckled Band, 1892
o The Engineer's Thumb, 1892
o The Noble Bachelor, 1892
o The Beryl Coronet, 1892
o The Copper Beeches, 1892
* The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
o Silver Blaze, 1892
o The Yellow Face, 1893
o The Stock-broker's Clerk, 1893
o The 'Gloria Scott', 1893
o The Musgrave Ritual, 1893

The quiz says it's The 'Gloria Scott' ..... Silver Blaze is also a possible answer. What's up with that? (note: I MAY just be crazy! :) )


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Mar-26-2004 09:17

Sorry, this was a bit of a trick question, probably unfair of me to include it.

While A Study in Scarlet is the first book published (and written) in which Holmes appears, The Gloria Scott is actually the first case of his career. It just appears in a later collection. I had to include a couple of questions that are tough to Google, didn't I?


Mar-28-2004 22:53

Oh no, that's TOTALLY FINE! I support it totally now, and apoligize for my error. Just wanted to be sure that it was right though....... anywho.... AWEOMSE SITE!!!! THANK YOU!

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