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Big Lucy in Villain Hunts

Lyra Cornwallis
Lyra Cornwallis
Lucky Stiff

Jun-21-2010 09:54

Hi all! :)

Does Larry the Toe appear in villain hunts at all, so that we can go to Big Lucy's cabaret? I haven't seen him at all yet, so just wondering if he hides when he sees a detective hunting a villain???


Tireless Tiger

Jun-21-2010 10:31

While he doesn't appear, there may be some times after solving the case that you have the option to pay to find the cabaret. However, even if you pay you will not be able to get there, at least I never have so I stopped paying! Hope that helps

Louise Cornwallis
Louise Cornwallis

Jun-22-2010 07:50

Sure :) Thanks!

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