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From a word, form a word!
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Louise Cornwallis
Louise Cornwallis

Apr-12-2010 05:12

All you've got to do is form a word from a word posted by someone earlier, and post a word yourself for the next person to form a word from that, who will post a word themselves, and so on. You can write phrases too, if you like.

Ready? Let's begin!
1) Pigwidgeon


Lyra Cornwallis
Lyra Cornwallis
Lucky Stiff

May-19-2010 09:58


(tt, uuuu, rr, qq, oo, ii, ss, ee)
To, is, it, rest, test, root, tore, toss, tie(s), rue, queue(s), tours, see, quotes, roses, us, sure, tissue...


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