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Something New!!
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Apr-10-2010 06:54

I saw this when I logged on just now. Now what do you think this means??

Apr-10-2010 06:26
Villain's Mysterious Disappearance
Agents of the Prince of Shangri-La professed today that they were baffled by Mordred "the Snake" Malatesta's disappearance. Last seen with co-conspirator Patricia Green, his whereabouts remain a mystery, as she had no knowledge of his travel plans.

This is really exciting!!


Lucky Stiff

Jul-17-2010 08:57

Woah! Didn't count on getting so much sand in my shoes chasing after"the Loon". That was a surprise! And exciting and enjoyable. I love the new clues, although one of them clues is quite sneaky.

On a side note, my first failed VH! Cairo is Al-Qahirah indeed.

Assistant Postman

Jul-20-2010 09:23

@ topkebab

LOL! I find this funny, because my first failed hunt, and only so far is Kaihan "the Loon" Dvorkin . Those "Loon" characters seem to be a slippery lot. :D

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