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why the site has not financially taken off
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fred reinfeld
fred reinfeld

Apr-2-2010 15:29

i have been here as a paying subscriber ( under various names ) for 1, 713 days.

this site has issues ( first i think will be moderated off right away which is an issue ).

the site errs when they invite new players and give them no development. the city of new york should be a place where a free player can do all things ( join an agency in new york without a archcriminals in new york , etc. ). the other cities and such would be left to subscribers.

there is also a culture of the cognoscente here...those who are "in" seem to control not only content but act as a cultural barrier to conversation and ideas ( not my way so shut up newbie )

their is favoritism... i had a cat avatar and an "insider mod" sent me a message that i had to change it..yet others have non-1920ish avatars and they remain...

admin also errs when one loses a detective ( three errors ) and then does not allow a transfer of the paid subscription to move to a new detective.

there is more but i already feel the press of the delete button in the hands of the "moderators"..


Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

Apr-25-2010 01:45

Just my tuppence worth:

"give them no development": The others are hotly against it since a lot were helped by others. I didn't get as much help (see my experience points) and that can be seen as the beauty of it. Having to figure things out for yourself will help you figure out independent strategies, which you can then share with others.

( not my way so shut up newbie ): I beg your pardon??? I have never seen this written on the threads of Sleuth and I hope I never will! That is a contradiction in your idea, as you say mods here are, to say the least, evil, but they are the ones who DELETE that stuff, NOT WRITE IT THEMSELVES!

"insider mod": This seems to be saying that mods are insiders turning a blind eye to friends writing vulgar things. No. I'm sure every Sleuth who has written on the boards has had one post deleted. Probably even moderators themselves! Yes! That can happen!

New York being a free city would still not much allow AV hunts, since these require multiple cities. Agencies have the main aspect of treasure hunts, and these would be snapped up in seconds if newbies had that amount of agencies in NY. They are far and few between by all standards sometimes, and experts based in NY would be able to finish before a newbie, boring the new guys to leaving Sleuth.

If you wish to see pastures greener and more varied Mr. Reinfeld, I suggest Shades of Mystery. Oh, and also, the first post (the one you write to start a new thread) cannot be deleted, I don't think. Am I right, mods?


Apr-25-2010 08:39

Actually, this entire thread could be deleted, even now, with all the replies. Everything would just... disappear. The moderators chose not to delete this thread; not in the very beginning when it was first posted, and not now.

As long as the thread does not degenerate into hot-headed, childish name-calling and inappropriate statements. So please don't go there.

Brasco De Gama
Brasco De Gama
Old Shoe

Apr-29-2010 06:58

I think the history of Sleuth shows that ideas are generally judged on their merits and not so much on who is presenting them. Take the case of Nephi for example. He has been around a long time, under various different user names, and came up with some very unpopular ideas that were criticised by players who had a vested interest in the game; however he did come up with the idea for the "Sleuthetania" and voila - a good idea gets included in the game. I think that is a fairly good example of how this game and admin are not biased towards people, especially since he was openly critical of the game, admin, subs benefits... you know, one of those people who always knows better?
I'm just sayin.

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